Novas profissões na Internet 2023 – Como ganhar dinheiro

Working online is a million additional opportunities! New professions on the Internet allow you to travel, combine different activities, work at a convenient time and in comfortable conditions. In addition, there are activities that everyone can do – even those who don't have technology yet.

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Of course, there are also disadvantages: you need to have the ability to self-control, plan and also equip your workplace independently. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of communication can negatively affect you. If these cons don't scare you, read on - we talk about which online professions will be popular this year.

New Internet Professions 2022

New Internet Professions 2022

marketing sphere

There will always be good manufacturers, artisans who do their jobs well but don't know how to sell. In today's world, people who make it possible to find buyers have acquired special value. They form brand awareness, audience trust in it, drive traffic, increase sales number and average bill. An entrepreneur can do without a secretary or accountant, but if he doesn't know how to sell, his business will not survive without a trader, SMM manager, contextualologist, etc.


From the English market – “market”, and logos from the Greek – “meaning”. A marketer is an expert who determines the characteristics of the market and forms strategies to promote a company or product. Every trader has their own niche. So, for example, an expert in an offline store knows all about how to decorate windows and organize merchandise, what smell makes you buy more, and what promotions are best to run when.

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At the same time, the marketer promoting the sites knows a tiny fraction of what has been described above. But he is very well versed in SEO, contextual advertising, website usability.

However, marketers have responsibilities common to all jobs. That's it:

  1. Develop marketing strategies and put them into action: This item includes creating slogans, creating social media ads, recording videos for television or publishing in the media.
  2. Analysis of Promotion Effectiveness: Gathering statistics and feedback, identifying shortcomings at any stage of the promotion or in the work of individual employees.
  3. Drawing a portrait of the target audience: through surveys, interviews, surveys, the specialist identifies the main characteristics of a typical buyer.
  4. Identification of competitors and market analysis: A marketer analyzes supply and demand, key economic processes, profitability in certain areas.
  5. Looks for growth points using SWOT analysis, QFD, PEST analysis: identifies threats, strengths and weaknesses of the business.

The salary of a marketer starts from 50,000 rubles and there is no ceiling – the better your results, the more you earn.

Social media

Social media is a separate modern business niche. In them, you can promote your business, talk about your personal brand, monetize your blog and extract additional traffic to your website from them. Many people are interested in how to become a blogger – we count.

New specialty: blogger

First, the popularity of the Internet grew, and then social networks. Whereas before we could only rely on official media data and library book information, now the entire world is in the public domain. Many people think that being a blogger means getting paid to have fun. In fact, this is not entirely true, the functions of this specialist include:

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Creating a blog concept, building a personal brand;
Development of a marketing strategy and content plans;
Maintain one, and more often several social networks: take photos, videos, write texts, create engaging activities;
Sponsor advertising search setup.

In many cases, a blogger's job is auxiliary, that is, it is done in addition to the main thing. Photographers, fashion designers, managers, musicians become bloggers – a blog helps them to spread the word about their services. If, for example, a photographer gains an audience of 600,000 to 800,000 people, he can monetize the platform. In this case, advertising on your profile can cost about 100-150 thousand rubles.

New Internet Professions 2022

Game industry: 3D designer

Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us, League of Legends and Skyrim – development budgets for major games have become better than budgets for some Hollywood movies. Thus, for example, 300 million dollars of investments were raised for the development of the game Star Citizen. For comparison: the budget of the movie “Avatar” by James Cameron, using the new technologies of the time, was 237 thousand dollars.

To develop any decent modern game, you need good graphics and therefore a 3D designer. Creates volumetric virtual images of objects, installations, characters, landscapes. In addition, it is important to be able to animate still images: for this you need to know anatomy and psychology, otherwise the characters will not look believable.

You also need to be able to:

  • modeling buildings and their environment, working with light;
  • create textures based on photos, transfer textures from metal, cardboard, etc.;
  • adapt customer promotional materials;
  • have the necessary software.
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The average salary of such a specialist in Russia is 70,000 rubles. That is, such an expert, on average, receives more than, for example, the same web designer. There are even better options: in foreign companies, salaries are often higher. If you know a foreign language, getting there will be easy.

Video industry: editing director

If the publisher is a craftsman, then the publisher is an artist. He not only chooses good shots, but also forms the plot. He decides which fragments to cut, which size plane to show, which effect to add. From previously filmed material, he creates clips, programs, series, films.

The editing director starts work even before shooting: together with the director and cameraman, he draws a storyboard, gives advice on how to shoot a certain scene. Typically, such a person not only has good taste, observation, but also knows screenwriting skills well.

The main disadvantages are irregular schedules and high competition. Among the advantages are demand, prestige and the opportunity to be behind the scenes. If we talk about salaries, they are not the highest, but they are not low either. On average it is 50,000 rubles on regional television, 70,000 rubles on federal television. In the cinema, the rates are much more interesting, but it is also more difficult to get there.

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