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see what it is 2captcha, does it really pay?, is it reliable? and how it really works. The truth about how to make money typing and solving captcha tips, tricks and strategy to earn bitcoin or dollar with 2 captcha is it safe? It is worth it? to Brazil or other countries? See the answers here and find out once and for all about this program that pays by reslving captcha.

what is 2 captcha, is it safe?

2Captcha is a more reliable, secure site and considered one of the best sites that pay to solve captcha belonging to MegaIndex.inc; Russian company providing software development services

2captcha How Does It Really Work?

To better understand how 2capcha works you need to create your account here

Working in 2Captcha is the typical page for transcribing captchas, which is in ranking of sites that pay browsing the internet It has a very intuitive design, it only takes a few minutes to figure out where everything is. Because 2captcha is reliable and pays even just reaching the payment limit.
Well Once inside our own, let's choose what type of captcha will use to solve this, let's do in the options offered by the drop-down menu at the top. On the left we have the start / stop button to start or pause our work and the option to activate the sound.

*.Normal captchas, letters and numbers.

*.normal captchas Code: A mix between normal and Google ones (as we solved in the check)

To solve captchas you just have to put the letters or numbers shown in correctly in the blank space that appears in the image below. Once we are sure that we have solved the captcha correctly, hit Enter or click “Submit (Enter)” and by that said the next captcha appears. If we are not sure when to resolve a captcha give “Not a CAPTCHA” or ALT Q for the option (we should not abuse this option because we risk suspending our own account).

The green bar appears for us at the bottom corresponds to the time we have to solve the captcha. If you don't put any letters or numbers, the bar will go down slowly and if you reach the end you will lose the captcha.

How to make money with 2captcha? How much does it pay?

Well To earn money or bitcoin in captcha 2 you just need to apply the previous steps, it's so simple but you have to be careful not to fail too much. Well, earnings are given per 1000 captchas sections. For every thousand of these images deciphered you will earn an amount of money. Depending on when you get those 1000 captchas.
Create an account now to start earning:

2captcha.com Registration

Minimum and payment method

We can withdraw money by payment processors which we see in the following image:

*.WebMoney: $ 0.50

*.Payza: 1 $

*.Perfect Money: $ 1.3

*.Bitcoin: 5 $


Reputation helps us earn more money for each captcha completed. The higher our reputation will be more difficult tasks but have a higher payout rate. To increase it we just solve captchas. The system gives us 1 point for every 1000 captchas solved. When you have at least 3 reputation points, we can work only with reCAPTCHAs and earn even more money.

2Captcha conclusion:

2Captcha is one of the best sites to earn money solving capcha paying US $ 1.5 or more, depending on the time, for 1000 captchas solved, simple to solve and with many captchas available thus allowing quick wins.
2captcha Registration

Tips and strategy

To earn faster, I also recommend registering on the site. InnoCurrent and open a “new tab” to browse the 2 sites at the same time

ranking of sites that pay browsing the internet

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