4 Best url shorteners that pay more 2023

Mais bem, Melhor encurtador. Encurtar url e ganhar dinheiro divulgando link é uma ótima maneira de trabalhar pela internet e ganhar renda extra online. Um encurtador de link renumera aos seus afiliados e permitem que todos os novatos e blogueiros possam ganhar dinheiro compartilhando e postando inks de empresas na internet ou nas redes sociais (facebook, Instagram, telegram, Medium, Whatsapp, twitter, etc) você ganhará cada vez que alguém clica em seus links encurtados. Como um novato que está olhando para ganhar dinheiro on-line, um encurtador de url fornecem uma boa oportunidade para ganhar dinheiro na internet sem nenhum investimento, claro você irá ganhar dinheiro compartilhando ou divulgando links curtos sendo assim precisa ter um effort , patience and dedication The more you disclose, the better your earnings will be. if you have one download blog (files, movies, music, games, series and more) I recommend monetizing your website/blog links, just use the file-upload » site that pays for each download where you will store your files for free and also shorten the link and make it available to your visitors. at first were tested and approved then presented to you:

1st » ShortenNet » the best Brazilian link shortener that pays well in 2020. Undoubtedly this one deserves the top1 not only for having a high CPM, but also for being a registered company, being the most reliable and even considering some special days where you can earn more of R$10 in matters of time.

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EncurtaNet » Sign Up Now

2nd: AdFly → the best url shortener that pays more in 2020, one of the most reliable and popular on the internet, with a minimum of high CPM rates for all traffic from Brazil, Portugal and several other countries, paying excellent CPM every 1000 visits.

AdFly Registration

3rd• MeauP → the best link shortener that pays in cryptocurrencies 2020, excellent shortener to monetize your youtube channel or download blog and earn bitcoin has excellent CPM for all countries and has been best shortener to earn bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bch currently in addition to paying in cryptocurrencies, you also pay via Paypal, in addition you earn a bonus of 1 dollar for registering +50% when referring the site to your friends.

MeauP→ Sign Up Now

4th.adbull → best paid link shortener since 2017 one of the safest and paying high CPM rate for visits from all over the world including Brazil and up to US$ $10 per 1000 visits paying direct to paypal or bitcoin without delay…

Adbull → Sign Up Now

4th exe.io » is considered one of the best url shorteners 2020 that pays well with a very high minimum CPM US $2.8 per thousand from all over the world and even $9 dollars has better payment methods.

Exe.io » Register Now

5th ouo.io → one of the best site that pays for shortening links in 2020 has been one of my tops since 2019 also has an attractive worldwide minimum CPM, this is the most reliable and safest in the world always paying: Ouo.io » Sign Up Now

You can also earn using:

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1st file-upload » one of my favorites the best pay per download site where you can store your files for free, share the download link generated by the site and earn money for every download your visitors make highly recommended for download sites or some youtube channels that make files available to their fans:

File-upload » Subscribe Now

Link Shorteners That Pay More: Conclusion

If you were looking for a way to shorten links and earn money, I believe that here you have found the 4 best shorteners of the year, month, and in the world all are excellent options. some of them actually have very profitable options for some countries.

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