2 Melhores networks para youtubers pequenos 2023

Find out the best network for small channel or beginners and see how to make money on youtube with networks.

If you are a vlog or youtuber here you will start making money because you will know::

*.which is the best network for a tutorial channel
*.which is the best network for gamers
*.what is the best network for vlog
*.Best network for youtube musicians or music channel
*.Best brazilian youtube network

If you were looking for how to join and which network to choose, you've come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about the best networks to monetize your channel and make money with it. Cool, huh? Well, let's go to the point:

network youtube what is it

youtube network is a partner program that sponsors youtubers or is an intermediary between youtube adsense and users by managing and monetizing the videos in exchange for an economic retribution. They are usually a good way to earn money on youtube with a small channel paying 30% to 100% or even 110% of earnings your channel has earned and requiring only a few requirements to enter. Since it is not so easy to enter youtube adsense these days. Worse with the new rules currently imposed.

youtube network: how does it work?

If you are a new vlogger or youtube video blogger:

a network comes to help reward your work as a beginner youtuber. Because it's easier to get in and start earning money, all you need to do to be accepted is to have at least 100 to 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel depending on each network and after that everyone who watches your videos can see an ad. Our mission is to help you start making money online as soon as possible.

Best networks for beginners

Here is the best youtube networks you should really know and start using:

1st freedom → the best network for beginners in 2021, pays per view of your videos, this has been one of the Top in the ranking since 2020 paying 65% to 110% of your earnings, this is the easy youtube network to join with a minimum of only US $1 dollar pay via paypal and payonneer

Freedom.tm → Sign Up Now

freedom Tips and Strategy

How to make more money with youtube?

If you share links or have a channel for games, music or tutorials, etc. you can earn a lot of money using these two alternative ways to adsense, of course it all depends on your dedication the more your channel grows the more you will earn:

Earn money by posting links on youtube:

One of the best ways to earn money is to make a description on all your videos and share a monetized link currently being more profitable for some popular youtubers and professional you can use one of the following shorteners:

1st ShortenNet → the best Brazilian site to monetize links on youtube, all you need to do is shorten the link using curtaNet and earn money for each click you receive, EncurtaNet is currently the best option in Brazil:

Join EncurtaNet → Sign Up Now

2nd AdFly → the best site to earn money with links on youtube that pays the most for visits from all over the world, this shortener has been a success for several youtubers and bloggers paying via paypal and payooner.

AdFLy → Create your account

Earn money by reselling products → believe me, study digital marketing and live on the internet, this is the most profitable way, you will earn up to 80% of commission for each sale you get, some professionals already earn more than R$10,000 selling digital products on youtube. All you need to do is register with a sales affiliate program to start promoting your specific link and earn money for every purchase made through it.


In this post we not only post the best youtube networks. that accept all channels small or large no matter what niche the freedom.tm It's the best option for all channels, don't forget you can earn more money posting links or promoting products on your channel.

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