2 Melhores sites ptc que pagam pelo paypal 2023 | os mais lucrativos

See the best ptc site that pays per click only here the ranking of the best sites to earn money by clicking on paypal ads…. Check out the best ptc sites that pay by paypal the most profitable on the internet and earn money on paypal just by clicking on ads. If you have been making money with ptc sites, you must have noticed that it has been discontinued in many ptc sites as a payment method. Which complicates the life of many paypal users. So why this article? Do not worry! Like me, you may have noticed that paypal is the biggest and most reliable online payment wallet. Even though it is withdrawing from PTC sites lately, there are still many ptc sites that use paypal as a payment option. Good news. is not?

Best ptc sites that pay by paypal:

Here is the ranking of ptc sites that use paypal to pay their users, excellent options to earn money today:

1st Innocurrent » best ptc site that pays by paypal 2020, the my favorite is a site that pays since 2009 one of the most profitable in the world with various forms of earnings and payments, making this site very safe and simple to earn money

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2nd Heedyou » one of the best ptc site that pays via paypal 2020 in addition to paying by skrill and other means. Very stable site online for several years and always paying.

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3rd Rotate4all » best ptc site that pays on paypal by clicking on ads the simplest of all with quick earnings, you just need to disclose your “PTP” link or browse “surf Ads” to earn dollars on paypal or bitcoin, still has several options for withdrawal, an excellent option to earn money on paypal.

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4th SuperPay.me » this is not only one of best paying survey sites in your opinion it is also one of the best ptc site that pays for paypal automatically or instantly because it has several ways to earn money including clicking on “PTC” ads this is one of my favorites since 2018 site that has been paying very well many years

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Although it is known that paypal is not unique. so if it is removed on ptc sites and many other sites. there are excellent alternatives that are added every day that you should definitely start using here are 2 best recommended options for you, the most used today:

payer » my favorite one of best online payment methods with the lowest rates on the market. It is the most used in almost all sites that pay, is currently one of the most popular after paypal it's hard to find a site (ptc and others) that doesn't use it.

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Skrill » just like the previous one, this is also one of the best online payment methods widely used on the internet in virtual stores, apps and websites of various niches. recently many PTC sites are integrating skrill as a withdrawal option. And still post What became ta est

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PTc sites that pay by paypal are the best options to earn money by clicking on ads and withdrawing your balance through paypal, the most used and popular processor in several sites and virtual stores around the world. Although it is also necessary to start using the alternatives that are also becoming popular every day.