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Check out the best sites to earn rubles on payeer, See the ranking of sites that pay in rubles here and learn how to earn lots of rubles for free on the internet quickly and simply with Russian sites.

Did you know that one of the best currencies to earn money these days is rubles? (Russian currency). So let's get to what interests us:

How to earn rubles?

Currently there are many sites that pay in rubles and we mention in this post “below” the most reliable and safe. Well to use these sites and make money, we will need two things:

1st All sites are in Russian, use the browser Google Chrome to translate.

2nd -One account in one payment processor to withdraw our winnings, I recommend the payer It is quite reliable, requires no verification, low commissions and is very fast. Convert rubles to dollars, euros, pounds, etc. Although the withdrawal may be by other processors depending on each site we can earn free rubles in various ways on Russian sites such as: earning rubles by solving captcha, clicking on ads,
, ruble mining and other games that pay in rubles, etc. the good thing they have is that we can earn a lot of rubles quickly, easily or simply on Russian sites.

Best sites that pay in rubles:

Here is the list of the best sites to earn rubles that are actually paying:

1st VKtarget » best site to earn rubles on payeer 2022, the undisputed leader in the category “Earnings on social networks” on average you can earn 50 rubles or more per day. All you need is to link your social networks “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and VK”. to the VKtarget website and earn rubles by watching Youtube videos, subscribing to channels, joining groups, sharing posts, following people on Twitter, VKontakte, Facebook and instagram. NB: Turn on new task notifications for faster earnings…

Vktarget » Sign Up Now

2nd rucaptcha » the best site that pays in rubles 2021 for solving captcha. It is also considered one of the best sites to earn money solving captcha, paying up to 100 rubles for 1000 captcha successfully resolved is one of the simplest and fastest ways to earn rubles and has several payment methods “paypal, payeer, bitcoin, etc”.

Rucaptcha » Register Now

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3rd Teaser » the best free ruble miner 2022, or one of the best site to earn money by displaying ads in the browser, fully automatic extra income, you just need to create your account, download and install a special extension that will mine rubles in your browser and thus earn money on autopilot, you can still earn more rubles by referring your friends and performing some tasks within the site.

Teaser » Sign Up Now

4th SocPublic » the best ptc site that pays in rubles where you will go earn money by clicking on ads, visiting websites, watching videos and much more this is the best site for earnings in clicks, from 200 to 500 rubles a day depending on the performance of your tasks:

SocPublic » Register Now

5th Kolxoz " The most profitable site is a farm game platform where you will earn money by buying “virtual” animals and they will generate profits every day or a certain amount of free rubles as usual. If you want to make more money, you must invest more. But how to invest more if I still don't have money? Kolxoz has a section just like other sites to earn by viewing ads and being rewarded with the famous Russian currency.

kolxoz » Register Now

Conclusion: Best sites to earn rubles on payeer

Russian sites to earn money have gained a lot of fame every day thanks to their many advantages over faster gains and much more in relation to sites that pay in dollars in this post we indicate only the best and most reliable paying sites where you will earn rubles directly on payeer performing various tasks or even on autopilot

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