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The Truth about how to shorten url and make money with AdFlyk really pay?, how does it really work? learn how to use extra income spreading link, shortening, sharing and earning money with shortening link is it worth it?, is it reliable?

In this AdFlyk review, you will know all the important facts about this new Brazilian site that pays.

What is AdFlyk?

ATTENTION USE alternatives below:


Sad News:: → Adflyk has an uncertain future and risks closing without paying past earnings.

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AdflyK Official Announcement:

Dear editors.
We came to inform you that our main sponsor Google AdSense has classified the use of its ads in link shorteners as an illegal activity, according to its regulation it is incentivized traffic.
For violating your policy our Google account has been deactivated and all winnings are withheld.
We are appealing the decision made by Google so that we can reactivate ads on our platform and make payments. So far there are no guarantees of continuity with the program, as well as no guarantees of payments.
In case of an unfavorable decision the CPM will drop to Zero and all pending withdrawal requests will be cancelled.
As a form of respect to our editors, we will keep our platform online to prevent links from going offline, until our editors can migrate to other platforms.
We have turned off the reCAPTCHA verification system to facilitate traffic.
We are certainly sad to disappoint!
We made a high investment in resources such as hosting, and we had a program under development for 2019 that would place our platform in the select group of the most accessed websites in the world. These changes will not be possible without partnering with Google AdSense. Thank you for understanding.

note: This announcement was very sad for the creators and all AdFlyK members. to prevent cases like this from happening in the portalderendaextra admin, we will be very strict in selecting a shortener. And then? follow us

And now? Use alternatives, and update published links using adflyk shortener to new option of your choice. We know that it is hard work but it will generate excellent results. currently the best are:

ShortenNet → best brazilian link shortener that pays the safest and most reliable the best option currently in Brazil.

Za.Gl → one of the best link shortener paying high CPM rate for visits from all over the option for those who receive visits from several countries

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AdFlyk: Conclusion

Although the AdFlyk admin was less creative ( which lowers trust. ) by creating your shortener with a domain identical to AdFly One of the cheapest and most reliable shorteners on the internet.

Well the It is a much better shortener paying a minimal fee of US$$4 per thousand visits from Brazil and still pays very well for visits from some countries. So it can be a good option for you to start making money since it is a shortener that pays a very high fee than adfly and its competitors.

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