4 Melhores app: ganhe dinheiro e bitcoins jogando no celular 2023

4 Best apps that pay. How to earn bitcoin playing on mobile with android apps. Did you know that you can earn money in online renumbered games? Yes, making money playing video games or testing games is now more fun than ever. If you like online games and have experience playing and winning these online games then you should consider and get paid to do what you love to do. Here you will have a list of good money making games where you don't need to buy PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or any other gaming console on the market to get paid.

All you need is an android phone, iphone, ios or a computer, and internet access and some gaming experience.

Best apps and sites to earn bitcoin or money playing online

Here are the best apps that pay in bitcoin, ethereum or dollar.:

1st AppKarma the best app to earn money playing online in 2018, in addition you can still earn money by watching videos, answering surveys and you still get a welcome bonus by entering this invitation code: merech .

AppKarma apk Download

AppKarma more info here

2nd Whaff Rewards the safest popular and reliable one of the best apps that pays in bitcoin or real money by playing online you can still earn money by performing various tasks.

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WHAFF Rewards Free Download

WHaFF More info

big time This is considered the best app, the first and most popular free online games app where you earn points for each level that will be exchanged for cash or even compete in some singles where you can have a chance to win US $1000 in one go.

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the updated download, which is available for iOS here and android here.

Big Time Complete Manual

BulbSmash one of the best app to earn money with games on facebook, here you will earn money playing on your cell phone, that is, breaking incandescent light bulbs is a very simple and fun game, you can even invite your friend and play multiple games

BulbSmash Download

Bulb Smash More Information Here

How to make money playing video games:

Although it is possible and there are several offline games such as pool, and online football "pes, fifa" and even the famous make money playing lol, but you will need to invest or become a professional gamer to start earning real money. While all apps posted here are free and very easy to get started to understand and earn money or bitcoin, in a very fun way.