Is earning with innoCurrent reliable?, does it pay? How it works? [Alert]

In this article where you will know if innocurrent is reliable, really pays, and how it really works everything about using innocurrent how to make money

What is InnoCurrent?

Innocurrent is one of the best PTC who has been paying since 2009, where he earns money by clicking on ads.

InnoCurrent: How to use and earn money

All you need to do is Subscribe to InnoCurrent. Once you're done, log into your account and go to “Start Earning” where you need to search for websites for a specific time

How will I get paid?

You will be paid via PayPal or AlertPay.

InnoCurrent: who can join?

Anyone can participate!

Is InnoCurrent free to join?

yes free! no need to invest even to view high-value ads.
Explanation on how to make money with InnoCurrent, it really pays, how it works, and if it is really reliable, the pros and cons “complain here” on the site. Stick around and read on for more details on InnoCurrent.

How does InnoCurrent work?

On this site instead of cash, you will be rewarded in credit points which can be redeemed for cash when you reach 10,000 credits (= to US $ 5.00). In addition, there are specific instructions that you need to follow in order to be credited for your work, and InnoCurrent requires its members to strictly follow these instructions or you will receive a Notice Point in the event of non-compliance. Accumulated warnings can lead to permanent account suspension so always follow the instructions.
But don't worry too much that your account might be suspended due to technical issues, you won't be penalized for something you didn't commit.

How to make money on InnoCurrent?

To start earning click on “start Earning” and see here ways to earn and how credits work:

Pay per click:Just like any other PTC sites, you can earn money from InnoCurrent.View Site and Passive Site 1-3 credits per site visited.Standard Site and Focused Site:Another way to earn money from viewing sites, the only difference is that you are required to click on a link or ad within the page. But this easy task pays higher than most PTC sitesStandard Website: 5-10 credits per site visited.Focused Site: 15-30 credits per site visited.Explore Website: 60-120 credits per site visited ($ 0.03- $ 0.06)Email Website: “15-30 credits per Email Site Visited”.Search “25-50 credits per search and visited”Special Website: 50-200 credits per Action/

Survey: 250-2000 credits per site completed

Live and Interactive Site: or surf earns 250 credits per hour browsing websites.

Innocurrent Pros and Cons


Paying high:
With an average of US $ 0.03 per visit on just one “one click” site, InnoCurrent is one of the most profitable PTC Sites today.Long Standing Website:
This PTC Site has been around for over 4 years and is still getting stronger.No Upgrade Required:
Unlike most PTC sites here you don't need to invest just earn.


Late payment:
Recently there is a delay receiving payments from them, but this has now been resolved and members should receive payments again within 7 days.

Is InnoCurrent reliable and does it really pay?

An online site 7 years ago would no longer be considered a scam or InnoCurrent is a site that has been seriously paying its users.

InnoCurrent Tips and Quick Strategy

Trick and tips earn more money innocurrent without needing to invest. I recommend browsing website explorer all the time. This simple task pays US $ 0.03 – $ 0.06 a very high amount for each simple task completed.
After completing the available tasks, go to the “Focused Site” and do several of them, come back to Explore Site every 3 minutes to check for available tasks again. If there is, grab it, but if there aren't any, keep doing the Focused Site. If you're not comfortable going back and forth, I recommend to install InnoCurrent Toolbar to be notified each time a new task is available. Repeat this cycle until you run out of both Explore Sites and Focused Sites.
If you still have free time after that, do some chores Search and gives Survey, those will give you additional income. If you do this entire cycle for an hour or two you can earn some pretty cool money.:

InnoCurrent Registration