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Which is PubliPT Network Does it really pay?, is it reliable, how does it really work?. The Truth About Advertising Or Earning Points, Money On publiPT, earn euros by clicking on ads, how is using Publi PT worth it?, is it safe?

In this toturial about Publipt, you will know step by step all the important facts about this Ptc site yours (positive points and publipt claim here). We will bring you our tricks, tips, and strategy as best we can.

What is PubliPT network safe? and how it works?

THE publiPT is a small social network or the best ptc site in portugal that pays in euros by clicking on ads, works as a bridge between advertisers and affiliates.
These advertisers pay to receive traffic and members earn per click.
*.Therefore PubliPT is the best PTC site, one of the best ways to earn money on the internet by paying in Euros. Another interesting thing is that it has many ads.

PubliPT Does it really pay?

THE publiPT is the only PTC Portuguese site that pays its members/affiliates well in Euros, which is worth more than the dollar, so you can profit from it and earn extra income every month

PubliPT how much do you pay per click on ads?

Basically in publiPT you earn points that can be converted into euros.

how to earn euros on publipt?

Well, as I said that in the publipt you earn points We will list and briefly describe the main ways of earning on the PTC site that has been paying for over 13 years:
*.Pay Per Click – Publish PT is no different, what you earn the most in clicks are Spots, but don't worry, these points can be converted into euros, buy referrals, advertise and everything else. There are several daily ads and this is a perfect option for any user.

Earn to watch videos– Another interesting option, there you also earn high points remembering that the more points, the closer you are to converting those points into Euros or purchases on the site.

Earn per Facebook Pages– A different kind of advertising where you don't have to like the page just watch the ad for seconds and you will be credited.
*. Surf/autosurf system– 1 point for each page viewed correctly according to the site's instructions. This is another great option to add some more points.
*. Earn to Read Emails– This feature is great. Mainly for VIP members where some E-mails are paid in Euros and not points.
*. Affiliate program and contests: Direct referrals on the site will net you 5% to 10% as a free member. But keep an eye on promotions on the site, especially in the anniversary month, it is possible to earn great values in case you are among the best users of the site that you indicate, or that more clicks. You still get bonuses for every referral.
*. VIP account: worth it and it can be very profitable. In addition to several benefits that you can follow on the website.
*. Now that you know how to make money on the site, let's go to some more details that you need to know.

PubliPT How to Convert Points?

To convert, go to the exchange/receive earnings area.

Win: how do points work on PubliPT?

Points are worth a lot, unlike most other sites. Let's go to the conversion table at this point:
*.7500 Points is worth:€1.5
*.10000 Points is worth:€2
*.50000 Ready is worth:€10
With the various ways to earn points indicated above, it is not difficult to reach this value, and mainly take into account that you will receive it in Euros, although the value is a little high, it is possible to upgrade from €15.00 for 3 months. But keep an eye out, do all the math, see your available time and if it's really worth investing in a VIP account.
The Upgrade will lower the withdrawal amount to less than half €10. And it will provide dozens of perks that only VIP members can get.

how to register for publipt?

Creating your account is quick and simple to complete, just follow the steps below:
Access the PubliPT website here and click on Register as highlighted below: then enter your email, go to your email and click on the publipt link. Then fill in the registration form:

it's very simple 1 enter your username and other steps are also very easy in a few minutes you will start earning

PubliPT Registration