Make money on EncurtaNet: is it reliable? Pay? it works? - Look

The Truth about how to shorten url and make money with shortenNet really pay?, how does it really work? learn how to use shorten net extra income spreading link, shortening, sharing and earning money with shortening link is it worth it?, is it reliable?

In this review about the shorten net, you will know all the important facts about this new Brazilian site that pays.
We will bring you our tricks, tips, and strategy as best we can.

What is shorten net?

shortennet is the new brazilian link shortener that pays best currently paying in bitcoin or cash, i am proud to work with this shortener because it is the only brazilian url shortener that has been paying high CPM rates for visits from brazil and many other countries allowing better gains for everyone.

How does ShortNet really work?

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Shorten net is a shortener that does not differ from others best shortened like the sites that act as a bridge between advertisers and affiliates, where you can announce, or earn money by: shorten any internet url, share and earn commissions for each click or views on your short links.

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Short net pay? it's trustable?

This is a question that everyone wants to know to avoid wasting time with scam or scam sites.
*.Well, in the case of curtanet it is a safe site that since its beginning has not failed a single payment, thus proving to be the best shortener in Brazil that pays the most

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How to make more money with shortens net: Tips and Strategy

The question that many people have asked is: where to share links to earn more money?
The trick I personally use is to post, share or advertise on Blogs (download sites), forums, youtube and social media. The use of paid links to download sites is very common and they tend to attract large amounts of money with this monetization system.
The truth is that it is best to be creative and look for alternatives to discover that your links are seen and thus earn more money.

shortens net how much do you pay per click?

Simple I've been talking to the site admin and he's promising to pay even more for every thousand views on his short links than the current value. But the other factor is that how much you earn depends a lot on the origin of the people who access your urls.

Shorten net: best features of Shorten

*Best CPM rates for visits from Brazil, Portugal and many other countries.
*Pay in dollars or reais you choose.
*.Multiple tools
*.Low minimum payment
*.Affiliate Program
*.Publishers can track their performance and revenue using the real-time reporting system.
*.Dedicated support

shorten net claim here: Cons

Any website has its downsides. The weakness of the shortennet site is that:
*.The rates are lower for other countries such as Mozambique, Angola, Sao Tome Principe, when compared to other shorteners from url like the who already pay a high minimum of US $1.5 per 1000 visits from all over the world allowing for greater gains.

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Shorten net: minimum and payment methods

Very Low Minimum Payment Only US $3 paid via paypal or bitcoin.

Shorten: Conclusion It is a Brazilian link shortener that will bring you perfect results, it is better because it is a shortener created in Brazil and with Great Results for Brazilian Traffic
The focus is to bring the best CPM to our country, and pay high CPM, twice as high as the CPM of the most well-known services.

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