The 5 best magazines for successful entrepreneurs

To safely lead your business to success and stay on top of all the important events in the business world, it is extremely important to rely on reliable sources of information. And while the “live” press is gradually giving way to information services and online blogs, many legendary magazines are still sought after by the rich and successful of this world. We will inform you about the most popular regional and worldwide business publications.

TOP 5 of the best business publications


Our top five, of course, are opened by the world-famous Forbes. The magazine was published in 1917 and still continues to be the most trusted and popular business publication, providing information twice a month on the latest global business and economic news. The Russian-language issues only appeared in 2004 and spread almost instantly throughout the CIS.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the Forbes rankings (lists), following a line that almost every ambitious entrepreneur dreams of. The most famous Forbes ratings are:

  • List of billionaires;
  • List of celebrities;
  • List of America's Rich;
  • List of the best companies in the world;


Fortune is Forbes' main competitor and a structural division of the corporation. Team Inc… The world saw the first issues of the magazine in 1930 and circulation only increases annually. Like Forbes, Fortune maintains its own ranking of the best companies in the world, but in addition, it is distinguished by interesting material about specific companies, their leadership and activities.

It is not uncommon for pages to contain tips on business management and development, which makes Fortune interesting for entrepreneurs of all ages and walks of life. And while the popularity of Fortune lists is a little lower than that of Forbes, only the best entrepreneurs in the world can appear on the pages of the magazine.

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Harvard Business Review

Rightfully the best business magazine specializing in administration and finance. first published with the help of Harvard Business School in 1922, appeared on CIS only in 2004. Unlike Forbes, Harvard Business Review pays more attention to management problems and provides specific, science-based advice on how to solve them. Even in the Russian edition most of the material is dedicated to international business and the latest strategies and only 1/5 of Russian businesses.

The material for the Harvard Business Review is prepared by business analysts and professional journalists, as well as top executives from the best companies and even professors from various business schools in Europe.


Russian business magazine with material of no lower quality than previous editions. Entrepreneurs from the Russian Federation and the region can find here the latest news from the world economy, investment strategies and advice on business management, as well as the rankings of the highest paid CEOs of the Russian Federation and the world.

The magazine's main target audience is managers and people with leadership ambitions. Most readers are high-income men, but 40% of the circulation is bought by women. A new edition of RBC is published every month and sells out in a few days. You can also serve publishing on business class aircraft and in five-star hotel rooms, 10% circulation delivered to television companies, from where they go to the owners of some satellite packages.

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The business

“Business” is recognized as the best business magazine in Ukraine based on a survey conducted by Teylor Nelson Softres Ukraine. The research involved about 8 thousand people aged between 20 and 55 years. “Business” is a weekly, a new edition is published every Monday and is also available on the publication's official website.

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On the magazine's pages, you will find the latest local and international business news, information on the country's top entrepreneurs and analytical articles. Since autumn 2017 Business 100 Project, urging successful investors in Ukraine to band together and buy the magazine to maintain the publication's prestige.

When choosing a business magazine, don't limit yourself to any specific one. World publications will allow you to look at business more globally and identify trends and prospects for its development, while regional publications will keep you up to date with the latest national trade news. Don't choose a point of view on the world, look at it in all its colors!

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