The most detailed guide to registering with BitMart for beginners

The following article guides sign up for BitMart exchange for beginners to join the BitMart floor in more detail. The reason why BitMart exchange is attracting a lot of investor attention is because it is the 3rd ranked exchange in the world. coinmarketcap. HCurrently, the exchange has more than 1.7 billion dollars in transactions per day. BitMart exchange is recognized as one of the most famous Bitcoin exchanges today, which is why many investors want to participate in this exchange.

Instructions for registering on BitMart exchange

Step 1: Visit the BitMart homepage at the following address:

Go to BitMart

Visit website address
Visit website address

step 2: Proceed to fill in the account registration information.

See how to sign up by email. Registration by phone number is similar.

In turn, fill in your email, password and check the box to accept BitMart's policy and terms. still in the section Add invite code, the system will automatically update the code for you.

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Enter BitMart exchange registration informationEnter BitMart exchange registration information
Enter BitMart exchange registration information

After filling in the registration data, click on “Register“.

The system will send a confirmation code to your email. Check your email inbox as shown:

Send confirmation code to emailSend confirmation code to email
Send confirmation code to email

And go back to BitMart and enter the email confirmation code in the window as shown below:

Email confirmation codeEmail confirmation code
Email confirmation code

The system will notify you that you have successfully registered.

step 3: Sign in to your account

After registration, the system will ask you to log in to your account. This is the account you just signed up for.

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Log into your BitMart accountLog into your BitMart account
Log into your BitMart account

Continue to display the next window asking you to confirm the email code to login.

login confirmationlogin confirmation
login confirmation

After confirming the login, you will be directed to the homepage interface as shown below by the system:

BitMart Exchange Account InterfaceBitMart Exchange Account Interface
BitMart exchange account interface

So you initially successfully registered a BitMart account. Please go to the next steps to complete the information confirmation section.

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Instructions to install 2FA security on BitMart exchange

Step 1: In your trading account, select Account number in the right corner of the screen in the email (or phone) address box.

Select account numberSelect account number
Select account number

step 2: Check Google account.

After selecting the item Account number, the system will display the following interface:

confirm googleconfirm google
confirm google

you move to confirm google and press Link.

step 3: To use Google Checker to scan the QR code to get OTP. Also, remember to save 16 digit key to perform backups.

Scan the QR codeScan the QR code
Scan the QR code

step 4: Finally, enter the 2FA code in the box Hand google code. so choose To send to enable security for the trading account.

BitMart exchange account verification

Step 1: In your account, select Click to verify identity.

Verify BitMart Exchange Account IdentityVerify BitMart Exchange Account Identity
Verify BitMart Exchange Account Identity

step 2Fill in basic information such as: full name, phone, date of birth.

step 3: Please upload a photo of your ID card on both sides. Along with a selfie.

Fill in the basic information Fill in the basic information
Fill in the basic information

After successful identity verification, your account will be withdrawn up to 100 BTC per day.

The end

Register at BitMart not very complicated. The registration process is easy to understand and fast, so new investors with no experience can fully participate.

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