The Simplest and Most Detailed Guide to Loading Bitcoin into a Blockchain Wallet

Top up Bitcoin is one of the most basic steps in the process of trading on reputable investor virtual currency exchanges. Once you select and have a suitable wallet address, you will continue to load Bitcoin into the wallet you wish to store. Today's article will show you how to load Bitcoin into the simplest Blockchain wallet that beginners can still do.

Instructions on how to load Bitcoin into the Blockchain wallet

One note when making a transaction to top up particular Bitcoin or other virtual currencies in the Blockchain wallet is that you need to specify the exact address of the wallet. Because there are many types of coins and each type will have a different wallet address. You need to specify the deposit type first, then the corresponding wallet address box will appear to make it easier for users.

In particular, Blockchain wallets often change wallet addresses to increase security and protect customer interests, so you need to verify the specific wallet address before making a Bitcoin deposit. After making a transaction, users need to wait about 15-30 minutes for the system to confirm and issue a receipt for the money.

As for the part of depositing Bitcoin in the wallet, you just need to copy the Bitcoin wallet address as in the image below and paste it where you want to withdraw coins on another virtual currency investment floor or a certain wallet address you want.

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Deposit Bitcoin into Blockchain Wallet
Deposit Bitcoin into Blockchain Wallet

Instructions for Backing Up (Backup) Blockchain Wallet

This is one of the most important steps and should be done immediately after wallet registration to ensure all data is backed up instantly. When a user accidentally loses their password, a backup like this makes it easy to recover their account.

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Step 1: Users need to use ID and password to log into Blockchain wallet before proceeding with backup.

step 2: By clicking on “Security Center”, a new table appears with “Backup Phrases”, you continue choosing “Backup Funds”.

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Blockchain wallet backupBlockchain wallet backup
Blockchain wallet backup

step 3: Blockchain wallet will be moved to the backup interface with two options to hide the key or show the key for users to backup.

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Choose to hide key or show keyChoose to hide key or show key
Choose to hide key or show key

Step 4: After re-entering all necessary keys, the backup process will complete.

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Instructions on how to enable 2FA security for Blockchain wallets

Installing 2FA is a 2-layer security feature that Blockchain wallet creates for users to improve the security of the wallet. You can follow this specific security guide as follows:

Step 1: You keep downloading the Google Authenticator app to your phone.

Step 2: Enter the application, click on “Security Center”; and continue selecting “Activate”.

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Go to Security and select EnableGo to Security and select Enable
Go to Security and select Enable

step 3: Proceed to turn on the app, scan the QR code to get the wallet code.

Scan the QR codeScan the QR code
Scan the QR code


Above are instructions on how to load Bitcoin into a simple Blockchain wallet that you should not ignore. Blockchain wallet is a suitable choice for someone who is starting to invest in virtual money as it is easy to use and has high security features. Good luck in your investment process.

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