What are subsidies, how to get them and to whom are they given?

In the modern world, both companies and individuals practically cannot do without third-party financing. Consequently, the population of Russia is forced to turn to government officials for donations, grants and other types of financial support.

A subsidy is money allocated by state or local budget organizations to provide financial assistance to non-profit businesses whose expenditures significantly exceed revenues from the sale of goods, works, or services.

Individuals whose income is significantly less than the established subsistence minimum may also apply for state assistance to the relevant authorities. These segments of the population are entitled to subsidies that cover part of the expenses with housing and community services, medicines and social goods.

What is a donation: classification and purpose of the donation?

Subsidies can be of different types. Depending on the category of recipients, they are divided into:

  • budget transfers… This financial assistance is provided from the RF budget to support budgets at a different level.
  • Small business subsidies are given to companies that are in a difficult situation… If expenses exceed income, the entrepreneur can obtain information on how to obtain a subsidy for the development of a small business.
  • Benefits for the low income of the population… This includes subsidies for milk, utilities, food, medicine, assistance to low-income families, single mothers and so on.

If we consider the main purposes of providing financial assistance from the state, first of all, subsidies help to prevent bankruptcy and protect the population of the country from rising prices of certain goods or services. In addition, budget subsidies help support local budgets and financially disadvantaged citizens.

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How can you get government grants?

If you do not know how to obtain state grants, you should contact the representatives of the relevant authorities. But in most cases, benefits are awarded after submitting the required package of documents and an application.

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Many applicants believe that there is no limit to the social finance program. This is not true! Families where students or unemployed live must provide additional certificates. It is important to contact social services with a document proving the income level of the applicant and all eligible members of his/her family. The subsidy certificate, after its expiry, can be obtained from the social service of the place of registration.

Recording subsidy payments is done in the following ways:

  • On the state services website.
  • For a personal visit to the state social service allowances department.
  • Through the public service center.

No matter how you decide to arrange grants, in any case, your documents must pass a series of necessary checkswhich will take some time. For people of retirement age and veterans, the list of required certificates is much shorter than for young families, whose low income level must be proven.

To receive government assistance, you must provide the following package of documents (can be supplemented or reduced):

  • Request for payment.
  • The passport.
  • If the applicant is a foreigner, it is necessary to present a document proving their citizenship.
  • Birth certificate of children who live in the same place as the applicant.
  • Property.
  • It helps in the composition of the family.
  • Income certificate.
  • Public service payment receipts.

state grants are issued for six months… If you need to get a heating subsidy, you can submit documents for consideration at any time of the year.

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Grants for large families: characteristics of receiving

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the following benefits for large families:

  • The first step of obtaining living space.
  • 50% discount on utility bills.
  • If the income of all eligible family members, without exception, is below the subsistence level, material assistance is provided at the prescribed amount.
  • Additional paid leave for one parent lasting 17 days.
  • Hero mother status (5 or more children).
  • Tax exemptions and full exemption from land tax.
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relative allowances for single mothers, these benefits are accrued by employees of state social protection authorities at the applicant's place of residence. To do this, you must provide a certificate of non-receipt of assistance at the place of application.

Scholarships for the birth of a child for single mothers are awarded from the time the application is submitted and continue until the child reaches the age of majority.

Subsidies and subsidies – State aid, which is guaranteed by legislation to low-income groups of the population. As practice shows, in our time this is the only way of full existence for many citizens of the Russian Federation.

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