Mais de 100 ideias de ganhos de maternidade sobre licença maternidade em 2023

Decree is a happy time for any “new” mom. But no matter how inspired a woman is, social status makes its own adjustments to everyday life. State funding provides support for mothers on maternity leave, but sometimes these funds are not enough to fully meet the needs of the baby and the family.

A new stage in the life of a representative of the fair sex changes habits, destroys models and offers opportunities for a new stage of self-awareness in this world. Including in the career area. Obviously, the question of what to do on maternity leave to improve your financial situation is a hot topic for many women. And we will help you understand this in full.

Working on maternity leave: difficulties a young mother may face

During such a wonderful time in every woman's life, you will be able to discover new horizons as well as ways to earn money. The decree “takes” the woman out of the usual circle of “career friends at the office” and radically changes her world… It is complicated. And there are many reasons for this:

  • lack of time and energy to master and lead a new business;
  • unstable life schedule that does not allow you to find work by the hour;
  • the inclusion of days and weeks of life in which it is absolutely impossible to start work due to the child's illness;
  • in the absence of help from relatives, it is almost impossible to find work outside the home, and Internet activities are not suitable for everyone in terms of character, lifestyle or education.

Of course, the child's age crisis, the constant being with the baby and meeting its needs, the woman's tiredness and nervous breakdowns, the lack of time for basic hygiene procedures are all enormous difficulties that mothers will have to face. on maternity leave.

You can find a business that will allow you to make money even with a child in your arms. The main thing is to choose yours.

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Work for mothers on maternity leave: ideas that will be useful to you

And now, when the child is sleeping and you have the opportunity to concentrate on your thoughts – nthink about what you can give life and what you prefer:

  • Making money from your hobby?
  • Commerce and domestic services?
  • Tutoring, student, coaching?
  • Programming, design, SMM?
  • Working with photographs, illustrations?
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There are many options and you need to decide for yourself what is realistic to implement in this situation and what would you feel comfortable doing with your baby? And the question of how to make money from maternity leave will no longer be so acute.

Work for women on maternity leave: do it yourself

Handmade has always been valuable. And at a time when many actions can be performed by machines, robots – double!

We choose:

  1. sewing of things;
  2. knitting;
  3. crochet;
  4. income creation;
  5. patchwork;
  6. felting wool;
  7. creating tapestries;
  8. silk design – batik;
  9. work with ceramics;
  10. decoupage activity;
  11. toy creation;
  12. creation of educational materials;
  13. embroidery (classic, volumetric, creative);
  14. make bags;
  15. creation of accessories: wallets, purses;
  16. soap production; candles;
  17. paint products (eg glass);
  18. scrapbooking;
  19. make bouquets of socks;
  20. creation of compositions of soft bears, rabbits;
  21. creativity in the field of decorating candy for surprise;
  22. cartoon creation;
  23. draw images;
  24. creating postcards.

We are sure that a creative person will certainly discover other options for himself. Reviews about working from home are numerous: and for each task you need to find strength, time, desire.

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Or maybe you love to cook? So this is yours:

  • cakes to order;
  • holiday pies;
  • make gingerbread;
  • make sweets;
  • bake lollipops with signature notes;
  • preparation of meals for employees of institutions;
  • conducting master classes, blogs;
  • conducting skype broadcasts.

Looking for a job at home: income from maternity leave with minimum investment for women

Any job for a mother with a child in her arms requires a clear organization of time, drawing up a plan of action, choosing convenient times, organizing contacts, observing a sleep and rest routine. In pursuit of gains, it's important not to forget that your baby needs you – healthy!

With a minimal investment, you can do:

  • hairdresser;
  • stylistic sphere;
  • providing manicure, pedicure services;
  • Make up;
  • eyelash, nail extension;
  • massage;
  • fitness training.

Somewhere you will have to spend money on equipment and tools, somewhere – on your own education in your chosen field, and almost everywhere – on promoting your business, an advertising campaign. Working from home without experience is possible, but has much less value. This means that the resources received from activities will decrease significantly.

Earnings from maternity leave on the internet: new times – real opportunities

You might be wondering: How to start a business with (almost) no money?

Probably the most convenient thing for a mother with a child is working from home. And you can replenish your family budget with online activities.

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Buying and trading is a popular way to make money. You can implement:

  • cosmetics;
  • office;
  • leather accessories (wallets, belts);
  • home textiles;
  • beauty and slimming products;
  • sports equipment;
  • jewelry;
  • glasses;
  • hours;
  • jewelry for girls;
  • household goods;
  • garden and vegetable garden products;
  • goods for the holiday;
  • clothes;
  • shoes;
  • children's toys, etc.

The main thing is to choose a niche that is not yet very popular in your area to allow yourself to build up a sufficient customer base.

By the way, there are other options for work on the Internet for mothers:

  • sale of used things through Avito, groups on VK, Instagram;
  • collective purchases – a percentage of sales awaits you;
  • help friends for a small surcharge with purchases on foreign sites;
  • consulting in the online store, travel agency;
  • work with texts: writing, rewriting, proofreading, language translation;
  • real estate – more and more often you go to the vastness of the global network, but keep in mind that travel is inevitable;
  • correspondence and business correspondence.

Do you like writing? By the way, a promising direction:

  • commercial creation;
  • work as a theatrical playwright;
  • TV screenwriter, program;
  • movie screenwriter.

All of this can be done at home using a computer! Now you know many ways to make money from maternity leave!

How can you make money on maternity leave without trying?

Earnings for mothers on maternity leave

There are also activities on the Internet that do not require much effort and can be carried out even when the child is playing, drawing, learning new things. Of course, everything is under supervision – after all, you are close by.


  • captcha introduction;
  • advertising bonus clicks;
  • likes and reposts on social networks;
  • participation in promotions;
  • passing on surveys;
  • work as a buyer for a secret category;
  • games: pump characters and sell them later.

Here, your time will not be highly valued, but no special knowledge or skills are required!

Working on maternity leave as a blogger: popular and sought after

And this type of income should be highlighted as a separate branch. There are dozens of blog types now!

You may:

  • promote your services by maintaining a website;
  • conduct master classes in your favorite direction, which you know and are able to do;
  • promote partner blogs.

At the same time, there are a wide variety of platforms to make money in this way:

  • In contact with;
  • Instagram;
  • Tick-Tock;
  • YouTube and others.

Your work for a month, a year or a lifetime you master during maternity leave can bring you the opportunity for self-fulfillment and additional income. After all, few people want to become an "egg", as many mothers note, who for a long time live only according to the principle of "feeding-cleaning diapers".

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How to earn extra money on maternity leave: what to do and how not to miscalculate?

So, first of all, we want to alert young mothers in search of money! Not everything on the web is yours!

Best to ignore:

  • lotteries;
  • online casino;
  • forex;
  • HYIPs;
  • sports betting;
  • Online games;
  • a set of texts with prepayment from you;
  • you order materials, tools with a redemption offer later by the organizer.

You want to make money, not lose everything you have, right?

Remember that there is an absurd amount of scams on the Internet!

Didn't find your option? Finally, we want to announce another list of ideas for making money from maternity leave. Perhaps there is yours among them?

  • Opening a private kindergarten in his apartment;
  • providing babysitting services for an hour, a day;
  • walking animals for money;
  • work as an administrator at home;
  • nomenclature – work on creating names, slogans, slogans;
  • home scanning;
  • game development, applications, created tests, etc.

Ideas are so diverse that it's just a matter of time and inspiration to find something of your own from above.

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Pros and cons of working on maternity leave

Certainly, Every company has its advantages and disadvantages.… And the brightest of them can be seen during activities with a child in their arms.

Remote work will delight you:

  • there are no direct bosses;
  • self-planning of the working day;
  • there is no need to join and adapt to the team;
  • activities without traffic jams and passages in public transport;
  • office clothes can easily be replaced with a cozy bathrobe;
  • you don't run the risk of being fired.

It is possible that after your maternity leave and childcare time is over, you will completely change your mind about looking for a job, and continue to develop in your chosen field.

However, one cannot fail to note the disadvantages of working on maternity leave for mothers:

  • double burden: taking care of the child, doing the household chores and at the same time trying to develop and earn money is not an easy task;
  • the day's planning must be strict so that life does not turn into chaos;
  • stress, the desire to have time for everything depletes 100%. And sometimes congestion and frequent trips to the fridge can lead to excess weight;
  • there is a high probability that you will find unscrupulous people on the Internet and get stuck with them.

It's no secret that mothers on maternity leave often experience psychological, emotional crises and additional part-time work – this is a way not only to straighten out the family's financial situation, but also an opportunity to create a clear structure in life. no time for self-digging.

What other earning options do you know? What would you like to do on maternity leave? Share ideas and options in the comments.

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