The best profitable franchises for a small town: the best options and ideas

If you decide to open a business in a small town, know that the course you choose will be very different from the idea of a metropolis. It is excellent and competent if, before starting a business, you analyze the characteristics of the environment in your region. It is he who will help to turn the possible disadvantages of the case into an advantage, even in the planning phase. And the magic trick is possible with franchises in a small town. Let's analyze this innovative concept.

Profitable franchises for a small town: why this direction is attracting more and more entrepreneurs

A franchise implies that the person to whom the right to use the trademark (trademark) has been transferred can legally exercise an already developed business. The activity is documented by an agreement. The party that transfers the personal brand rights is called the franchisor, and the other party that uses the TM is called the franchisee.

And it is no wonder that the franchise is only gaining momentum today, because 80% of the companies operating under this scheme successfully pass the initial five-year plan. Of course, much later depends on doing business and the nuances of organizing a business in a certain city, direction, etc. Of course, as with any business, franchising has its pros and cons. Let's analyze them.

When buying a franchise, a business owner can enjoy significant positives:

  • the brand will be recognizable and popular;
  • from the first months of the company's activity, it can make a significant profit;
  • employee training is fast and most of the time it takes place through special courses before the opening of a point of sale;
  • you can count on business consulting;
  • advertising costs will be minimal as the brand is recognizable;
  • the possibility of acquiring business equipment from a franchisor;
  • you can be sure that an entrepreneur is assigned to a territory in which he will be the only entrepreneur in that direction.
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Of course, a franchise for a small town also has some disadvantages:

  • you will have to pay for it and often not with a small amount of money;
  • for the use of a franchise, it is also necessary to reserve resources (the so-called royalties);
  • the methods and conditions for doing business are clearly and strictly regulated.

Obviously, every entrepreneur who decides to buy a franchise starts with ease. But the ongoing challenges that follow associated with entrepreneurship will still be present in the company's work.

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Small town franchising: what a business owner needs to know

It is simply impossible not to pay attention to the differences between the business of a metropolis and a small town. The nuances are colossal. This:

  • field competition;
  • a small number of really competent specialists;
  • limited market for the sale of services, goods;
  • traditional mentality of the population;
  • low wages of the population;
  • starting capital, etc.

But let's talk specifically about franchising for small towns. It is the list of core ideas that will help you determine direction and decide on business activities in your region.

Franchises for a small town: choosing our own business

Practice has proven that there are certain franchises that successfully present themselves from time to time in small towns. Of course, the list is somewhat corrected and changes over time, but the main trends persist:

  • catering networks of different levels;
  • glass sales departments; pharmaceutical chains (pharmacy points, departments, points);
  • appliance repair (TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.);
  • repair of gadgets and digital equipment (tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, cameras, etc.);
  • vehicle service and washing;
  • delivery of gold and silver on bail;
  • sale of food products;
  • tailoring and minor repairs.
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Speaking specifically about the list of franchises in Russia that are in demand and profitable, we can note:

  • “Vkusnyashka” – a section with sweets, chocolate, lollipops;
  • “33 Penguins” – a cafe that sells ice cream;
  • “Bibimot” – product store for school-age children, up to nine years old;
  • “Shop of Life” – sale of dietary supplements and medical cosmetics;
  • “Fork-Lozhka” – a restaurant where you can have a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner;
  • – sale of products for professional construction;
  • “Orange Elephant” – branded product stores for children's creativity and development;
  • “220 volts” – sale of electrical tools and equipment;
  • Dobropek – sale of bakery products;
  • “Megastroy” is a playground for developing children, for active recreation, etc.

There are many ideas for activities, but you need to understand that the ones that are most relevant in a small town will be based on the needs of an average poor population.

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For example:

  • microcredit departments, credit;
  • home delivery companies, including ready meals: sushi, pizza, set dishes, kebabs, shawarma;
  • companies that sell draft beer: alcoholic (beer, cider) and non-alcoholic (juices, kvass, lemonade);
  • stores for cheap clothes, shoes and accessories;
  • special equipment ordering service for suburban areas;
  • goods for study, office activities;
  • dating services and marriage centers;
  • self-service cafeteria;
  • vending machines to test covid-19;
  • online exam preparation courses, etc.

New franchises are constantly emerging in a changing market, the country's economic situation and the epidemiological situation.

franchise for a small town with minimal costs

Profitable franchises with minimal investment for small towns

Note that franchises that require average financial costs at the beginning are not so popular, but even so, the franchisor also offers a specific business scheme. The entrepreneur just needs to set up the sales process. Examples of these:

  • “Bouncy Day” – a chain of coffee shops, drinks to go;
  • “Evalar” – a chain of pharmacies;
  • “Zhenavi” – a store that sells jewelry with Swarovski crystals;
  • “Curlers” is a network of hairdressers.
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And, of course, more than half of the above franchises in the general list also don't imply large investments from a business owner.

Opening a Franchise: What You Need and Where to Go

Of course, before planning a business, you must clearly choose the direction you want to develop. Then it is worth considering:

  • the age of the company. Remember that after times and crises, only the strongest remain in the market;
  • main player's social and pricing policy. A trendy barbershop is unlikely to be as relevant in a small town as it is in a metropolis;
  • peer activities, competitors. It is worth paying attention to the geography of points of sale, reading reviews from employees, customers, personally visiting a point of sale;
  • information in this regard, including scanning social networks, talking to company managers, etc.

Of course, choosing the right franchisor is half the battle. But don't forget to assess your own perceived opportunities and risks. Do not forget to study the franchisor in detail in cooperation with him: how many active customers does he have, what is the geography of network coverage, how many years in the market, etc.

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Evaluate the return on investment and verify the responsibility of the future partner, study the documentation and clarify the guarantees, find out for yourself information about the company, its activities and ask what others think of it.

Of course, the franchise scheme was launched a long time ago and it is not that difficult for a novice entrepreneur:

  • we register an individual entrepreneur or legal entity;
  • we acquire a privilege by a sign (franchise);
  • looking for a suitable business location;
  • adapt the area and conditions to the franchisor's requirements;
  • we hire staff;
  • we buy, assemble equipment, equip, think about the supply of consumables, components, train personnel;
  • we opened a company and strictly adhered to the franchise requirements.

With a well-chosen direction for a small town, success is inevitable. As well as income.

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