25 dropshipping sources in Brazil and around the world

Want to be a Dropshipper? You're learning about this popular online business model, but you're struggling to know where to find sources to get started. So please read this article, it may take a while but it will definitely give you useful knowledge to make your start as convenient and safe as possible.

Below is information about famous and professional Dropship suppliers in Brazil and all over the world.

Top 6 Reputable Sources of Dropshipping Products in Brazil

1. Source of dropshipping products from Shopee, Tiki, Lazada

Shopee, Tiki and Lazada are currently the top three e-commerce sites in Brazil. Here we can find and buy whatever we want. Not only providing daily necessities and necessities for small customers, but these “big” three are also potential suppliers for Dropshippers.

In Brazil, there are around 20 e-commerce platforms, but only these 3 allow sellers to place dropshipping orders directly from the supplier source.

For example, if you want to search for a source of goods to Dropshipping on Shopee in Brazil, which is a watch item with warehouse address in Hanoi, just follow these simple steps: type the item in the search bar and click filter address . as follows.

Looking for Dropshipping Sourcing Suppliers on Shopee

Looking for Dropshipping Sourcing Suppliers on Shopee

When Shopee provides the right results, click through to view each product and pay attention to consider the following:

  • Sales: stores with high sales, proving that the product is popular, has high demand and a large developed market.
  • Entry price: This is the determining factor for your profit, so be aware of the price of this store. If the price is too high, it is very likely that the store is Dropshipping to another supplier, so your profit will be lower.
  • Customer Feedback: In stores with high sales, customer feedback rates are often quite high, so take the time to read up on customer reviews. This is the most reliable and accurate authentication channel for product quality.
Keep an eye on sales

Pay attention to sales to find the right product supplier

Once you've selected the stores you can cooperate with, actively contact them or go to the store's introduction to see information about phone numbers, zalo because usually stores looking for collaborators will have a Declare job openings here.

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2. Google dropshipping source

In the Google search bar, you type the phrase “dropship source in Vietnam” and thousands of results will appear in a moment. Similar to the method above, you should seek out information about the right product supplier for you and actively contact them to receive policy and product information.

3. Origin of Netsale's Dropshipping products

Netsale is the first comprehensive commercial dropshipping support platform in Brazil. Directly connecting with domestic and foreign sources of goods, synchronizing the system with the sales channel quickly, creating favorable conditions for Dropshippers.

The way to do it is very simple. You just need to register an account with Netsale, the system will automatically connect you with the manufacturer. Your job is to carefully consider choosing a reliable address.

4. Dropshipping from Osiris Alliance

Osiris is a warehouse specialized in 3 areas of cosmetics, watches and accessories with hundreds of products from world famous brands such as Daniel Wellington, Innisfree, Etude House, MAC,… All are distributed at a high discount with no need for capital. You decide your own profit by increasing the selling price to take advantage of the difference.

Dropshipping from Osiris Alliance Origin

Osiris homepage about famous brand cosmetics

5. Connect MaxEcom to dropshipping products in Brazil

MaxEcom is a dropshipping platform that supports advertisers (publishers) to connect with sources of goods from suppliers (suppliers) and connect with shipping units so that publishers can sell directly, bypassing the goods close steps. , shipping, via MaxEcom. This is an online business platform that attracts thousands of people by providing a source of high quality wholesale pricing. Various products with extremely high commissions of 40-60%. Don't worry about holding goods, slow goods.

6. PingGo dropshipping source

Just like the sources presented above, this is a capitalless business platform developed by AdFlex, which helps you to do business in two models: Affiliate and Dropshipping. You can freely advertise the product, after a customer places an order, just visit PingGo and order the correct product, PingGo will take care of the rest.

Nguồn hàng Dropship PingGo

If you don't have an account, go to the PingGo homepage to register and get started

The world famous dropshipping source

If you want to experience more competitive environments, check out the quality sources below.

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1. Aliexpress Dropshipping Source

Aliexpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba. If Alibaba is an e-commerce site that does wholesale business, Aliexpress follows the global retail model. Aliexpress leads in popularity for wholesale and dropshipping of international orders. Products mainly purchased on Alibaba are shredded and can be sold and shipped worldwide with millions of items in over 40 niche markets including electronics and smart home appliances. Aliexpress's advantage is its easy-to-use interface, English language and US dollar usage, so it is suitable for many international customers. This site also allows users to register for a free account.

2. Dropshipping Wholesale 2B

Wholesale2B is a platform that integrates millions of products (about 1,500,000 products) from hundreds of sellers. General store in the United States and many countries around the world. Wholesale allows dropshipping on platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, eBay or your e-commerce site. However, at Wholesale2B you need to pay commercial fees with service packages ranging from $ 29.99 – $ 149.99/year.

3. Dropshipping DHgate

Founded in 2004, DHgate is one of the top four e-commerce companies in China, just like Alibaba, DHgate has warehouses in many countries around the world, making the delivery process quick, quick, and also has a policy of very good user protection.

4. Dropshipping Supplies from Dropship Direct

This is again a site dedicated to providing goods for Dropshipping from the United States. It offers over 100,000 products and now over 50,000 retailers buy products here. Although the size of the supplier is not big, Dropship Direct always displays complete information for international customers to consider the supplier. The Dropship Direct service is free but still offers maximum support for customers to use.

5. Dropshipping Supplies from DroplnTheBox

The company is based in China, UK and USA and was founded in 2006. DroplnTheBox's strength lies in women's fashion and accessories. The company has policies to protect the interests of buyers, mainly, they do not print any information about the buyer when the package is shipped.

6. Banggood dropshipping source

Banggood has around 200,000 products, mainly Apple accessories, smartphones, electronics, clothing, jewelry. With warehouses in many countries around the world, Banggood optimizes shipping time for customers quickly.

In addition to being a retailer, they also have separate policies for Dropshippers and Affiliates.

7. Printrove Dropshipping

Here is a suitable source of merchandise for those in need of the case and cup products niche. Although there is not a huge range of products, the products here are really high quality, have high creativity and impressive designs.

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8. Salehoo dropshipping source

This is a large e-commerce site with over 8,000 suppliers, about 1.6 million new products at affordable prices and all originating in the US. SaleHoo focuses on serving US, UK and US markets. Australia. So, if you want to get dropshipping products suitable for customers in Europe and America, SaleHoo is the first choice. However, you have to pay an account registration fee of $ 67/year.

9. Dropshipping from worldwide brands

WB connects many suppliers and distributors around the world. The only difference between WB and other wholesale trading platforms is that all providers are verified. Customers will have their rights guaranteed and protected by WB when problems arise. The subscription fee is $ 249 for a one-time payment and you do not have to pay monthly account maintenance fees.

10. WholeSale Central Dropshipping

With the advantage of easy-to-use interface, maximum support for international customers and especially free WholeSale customer service, this platform is always trusted by many Dropshippers to cooperate with.

11. Sunrise Wholesale Dropshipping Product Source

Sunrise Wholesale is a template designed specifically for dropshipping. SW connects hundreds of suppliers with international customers. SW has 15,000 products in fashion, interior decoration, jewelry, sporting goods, outdoor furniture, etc. In addition, Sunrise Wholesale also offers free service to users.

12. MegaGoods Dropshipping

MegaGoods focuses on supplying electronics, technology and home appliances such as watches, cameras, televisions, kitchen electronics, bluetooth connectivity products. So if you want to ship dropship technology products, you can consult MegaGoods. MegaGoods service charge is US$ 14.99/month.

13. Dropshipping Source from National Dropshippers

This is a wholesale e-commerce site with over 250,000 products. The advantage of National Dropshippers (ND) is that the price is very cheap, even half the price of some other wholesale sites. ND's products are very diverse, with hundreds of suppliers worldwide. This is also a suitable wholesale trading platform for dropshippers. Service fee $ 19.99/month, dropship fee $ 2.49/order.

Once you have found a reputable supplier through the trading sessions above. The remaining work is marketing, dropshipping preparation, dropshipping and profits.

14. Dropshipping from Global Source

With 10,000+ Chinese manufacturers and 850,000+ proven products. This is also a suitable source for a Dropshipper

15. Dropshipping from Hong Kong TDC

The suppliers come from Hong Kong with the number of more than 20,000 and a variety of items from around 600,000 products.

16. Origin of Dropshipping products from FragranceNet

This is a wholesale inventory of: Fragrances, Skin Care, Hair Care, Aromatherapy and Candles.

17. Bigbuy dropshipping source

This warehouse is located in Europe with 15,000 products.

18. Doba Dropshipping Source

The warehouse is located in the USA, so shipping to neighboring markets is very fast. Providing nearly 750,000 high quality products from 150 reputable suppliers. Doba also lets you connect to Shopify through the app

19. DealExtreme Dropshipping

DealExtreme has the advantage of great prices, free shipping on over 300,000 products.

Hope you can find the most suitable and quality source of goods.