5 Best International Dropshipping Markets You Need to Know

Currently, Dropshipping is a model of making money online that many people are interested in and choose. Market research in Vietnam shows that up to 90% of Vietnamese sellers are trading this model in prestigious international markets like US, UK, Canada… Dropshipping Marketplaces will make your choice easier.

Why choose international dropshipping markets?

Currently, Vietnamese sellers operating in the Dropshipping model have two options in terms of the market to operate, which is to develop according to the international market and to develop according to the Vietnamese market. Depending on your capital, interests and time, you can choose the right form of participation. However, in fact, 90% of them chose the international Dropshipping market. So, what makes the international market attractive to those involved in this type of investment?

Choose international markets for Dropshipping
Choose international markets for Dropshipping

The international Dropshipping market is considered potential and brings indisputable advantages. Here are some highlights of this market.

  • The system is great and professional.
  • Make payments quickly, transparently and without delay.
  • International customer behavior is very professional as most of the overseas population has online shopping preferences and habits.

The international Dropshipping market has a long history of existence and development, so it is considered quite reputable and of high quality. Therefore, this is considered a potential investment location for sellers.

Top 5 international prestige dropshipping markets

In fact, there are many Dropshipping marketplaces that exist in the world. In this sense, it is difficult for sellers, especially novices, to choose a suitable market. We hope that the following top 5 international dropshipping markets will contribute to enriching your business portfolio.

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Ebay is one of the longest history Dropshipping marketplaces to date. This is considered the most classic market with huge monthly traffic all over the world. In the US market, the number of Ebay visitors in one month reached more than 1 billion times. Therefore, Ebay is considered a potential market that many people are targeting.

Many people fear that doing business on Ebay is gradually becoming obsolete compared to other markets. However, in fact, many people have been making a lot of money in this market. Dropshipping on Ebay can still become the main source of income for many people.

Dropshipping on Ebay

Dropshipping on Ebay


Amazon is the most prestigious website in the world today and hence Dropshipping on this website is getting a lot of attention from people. 1-2 years ago, Amazon was a gold mine that many people wanted to explore and Amazon Dropshipping business received a lot of attention and participation from many objects.

In recent years, the business activities of Dropshipping on Amazon are being tight and not as easy as before. Therefore, if you want to participate and do business in this market, you need to comply with the criteria and regulations of that market. At the same time, you need to carefully prepare knowledge related to this market in order to be able to ensure that your business activities are conducted smoothly.

Dropshipping on Amazon

Dropshipping on Amazon


Bonanza is considered a potential international Dropshipping market. This market is especially suitable for sellers who work in the fashion and beauty area. Bonanza's interface is designed to be simple and easy to use, offering many useful features to users. The data import feature also helps you to sync your store across different markets. At the same time, you can also import your own product data file into the store on Bonanza. This marketplace does not limit the number of products you can post in the store. You can directly discuss pricing, delivery and product issues with customers through Bonanza's internal system.

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When entering the Bonanza market, you need to consider the fees required in that market. The sales fee on Bonanza is 3.5% for sales below US$ 500, and for orders above US$ 500, the fee will be US$ 17.50 plus 1.5% from sales.

Dropshipping at Bonanza

Dropshipping at Bonanza


Etsy is the most prestigious craft marketplace in the world today. Etsy is the go-to marketplace for sellers interested in selling vintage, handcrafted, and artisanal products. Etsy's product portfolio is as diverse as that of Amazon or Ebay, including products such as clothing, shoes, consumables, etc. Etsy is not limited to the products you list in the store. Also, it will cost 0.3 USD for each product listing in your booth.

To be able to sell on Etsy, you need to meet the strict requirements and conditions that come from that market. Also, you need to comply with some market regulations if you don't want your account to be blocked.

Dropshipping on Etsy

Dropshipping on Etsy

To wish

Although not as famous as Amazon or Ebay, Wish is still considered a potential Dropshipping marketplace. This market has 90% of Chinese sellers thanks to the Chinese incentives. This site generally focuses on core products rather than a mass product range. Customers are very interested in this site because most of the products and merchandise are discounted from 50 to 80%. So this is a potential market that sellers can target to do business and profit from sales. The great advantage of Wish is payment via Payoneer. This makes it possible for sellers to easily sell and receive payments from international customers.

Dropshipping on Wish

Dropshipping on Wish

Above are the top 5 international Dropshipping markets today. Each market will have different strengths and requirements. It is necessary to consider your interests and profit goals to choose a market that is best suited for you.

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Before you start participating in the Dropshipping make money online model, you should take the time to research the market to compare and choose the right partner. Choosing a reputable dropshipping marketplace will help you feel more secure when doing business and building your personal brand. Also, cultivating the necessary business knowledge and skills is one of the factors that help you to achieve this type of business model.

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