3 balance secrets from a coach

I've seen many times how people who work in big companies or successful startups and receive high salaries feel overworked. When you spend 8 or more hours at the office, your life is often limited to work and home, and there is not enough time for hobbies, taking care of yourself, having fun, and meeting friends.

In an effort to increase their income, many stay up late at the office or take a part-time job. But there are many other ways to go financially. The problem is that most people think in their usual structure and don't even admit the idea that it could be different.

Now the world has changed a lot and knowledge that was not available a few years ago has started to open up to us. Now it is no longer necessary to study at the university for 5 years. A new profession can be mastered in a few months, and any additional information can be easily found on the Internet or contact an expert who will answer your questions.

3 factors that will allow you to earn more

manage your fortune

On the Internet, we see a lot of information about how to manage our thoughts, but actually thoughts are not as important as state. And the state depends on the way of life, our environment and the ability to enjoy what we have.

For example, a friend went to a restaurant and was extremely dissatisfied with the food and service, which he decided to share with you. You have heard his negative and you have also tuned into the negative wave. In our negative past – when we are charged, angry or afraid, quality ideas do not arise and we cannot fulfill ourselves to the fullest.

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people are power

It's important not only who we communicate with, but also how we feel after meeting people. If after dinner in the company of friends we feel apathy, tiredness, we should reconsider our social circle. This environment will not change, and with it, it will be difficult for you to change. When we go out with nice people and we feel like we don't really fit in with them, we also experience negative emotions. The thought will be in the head – I can't take it. Therefore, you need to gradually surround yourself with new people who are taller than you, but at the same time there is not a huge gap. That's why business and hobby clubs have become so popular. This is one of the most suitable ways to find like-minded people who will be on the same level as you, and you will be united by common goals and interests.

Realize your business and hobby

If you're self-employed and don't like your job and responsibilities, or like it but there's no growth, it's worth reviewing your activities and thinking about how to start enjoying your job and more money.

There are many tools that help you reach a new level of income, it is not enough just to know them, it is important to know how to choose the most suitable for a given situation and use them correctly.

I am often approached by clients who have acquired a new profession but are afraid to enter it, and by those who have encountered the “glass ceiling” and have not been able to increase their income for several years. And with each one we find a key that solves a specific problem.

For example, my client Julia, an investment and finance specialist, came to me with a request on how to balance contract work, own project development and leisure. There were a lot of plans and tasks, but there wasn't time for everything and I had to give up on many of the planned ones.

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We analyze your A point – the main obstacles on the way to your goals, strategies that don't work, habits and beliefs that stop you from growing.

As a result, we developed a work plan – it's always easier to go towards the goal if you have a clear path and don't move chaotically. Introduced the practice of asceticism, the voluntary abandonment of the disciplines of familiar things and freeing up space for new things. They started to register even small victories, before Yulia didn't realize how much she does and conquers, and that's demotivating. Therefore, I recommend recording even seemingly insignificant accomplishments.

After a month of our work, Yulia's income increased by 228%, and she learned to set life and work priorities and refuse unnecessary actions and processes.

You can choose the right tool yourself, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Or you can turn to an expert – a coach or psychologist, or find a support group and go for the desired results together, it could be a community of interests or a mastermind group.

If you have a dream, goal and desire, then everything can be accomplished. The main thing is to tune into the right wave and surround yourself with people who contribute to your growth.