Material and non-material motivation of staff: how it works and why it helps to increase team efficiency

It's no secret that your team's motivation leads to an increase in team work efficiency. This some kind of replacement of management employees in order to induce each employee to perform their tasks even more efficiently and effectively, motivation has nothing to do with coercion and pressure.

The types of work motivation, for example, in the company Zappos, which occupies a first place in the corporate culture and is generally considered successful in the American market, do not occupy the last place for nothing. This helps the company to grow quickly through efficient work, stopping constant staff turnover, and experts want to apply the accumulated experience and knowledge to the benefit of the company.

Many conclusions can be drawn, but the most important first is that team motivation is necessary, important, and that's why today we will talk about motivation and its types and find out how to insert all this in your business. Go!

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The human factor at work as a reason to think about team motivation

You may have a question: why should bosses even think about types of team motivation if every month a paycheck is paid for work done anyway? The answer is extremely simple. The entire team is made up of people of different temperaments, here are two differences:

  • it is important that employee A feels competitiveness and incentive to compete (eg, who will close the project faster?);
  • Employee B wants the fecundity of the work to be perceived by the manager, and not just taken for granted without giving feedback from the company, where he spends all his free time.
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The vigorous activity of each individual worker gradually builds up the overall productivity of the team.… To achieve a high indicator of this same productivity, it is important to use an individual approach. Furthermore, using the carrot and stick method is unacceptable-Leave it in the past.

Another interesting fact: various types of employee motivation contribute precisely to the internal desire to work, and not to work for work and avoid pressure.

It's the latter that makes a person fiercely hate their duties, don't you want the whole grim-faced state to count the minutes until the end of the shift? Otherwise, you should pay attention to these human factors in the performance of tasks and follow the advice that awaits you next.

You might get the impression that the whole process of introducing incentives is very complicated, but this is not entirely true. Of course, efforts will have to be made, but the result will not be long in coming. Therefore, I propose to move to the practical steps, to dismantle and understand what types of employee motivation can be introduced.

Team motivation material type

There's nothing strange about the fact that a person wants to get a little more for work done than they should, especially if two out of three extra tasks have been completed.

Let's examine the list:

  • increase in high KPI payments;
  • enter the percentage of sales or deals closed (depending on the type of company);
  • payment for medical supplies during sick leave;
  • financial congratulations on some significant day (birthday, wedding or graduation), as well as support in tragic events;
  • covering travel expenses to the office center will be a very pleasant form of motivation;
  • discounts for employees on company products (it also depends on the type of business);
  • increased wages for conditions with a higher risk of injury and damage to health;
  • an important point of the material types of motivation will be payment for training (this will become a bonus in improving the qualifications of staff);
  • pay attention to the workplace: replace the worn-out chair, buy the necessary stationery and, in general, equip the environment in which it is pleasant to be;
  • Make it easy to get vacations and extra days off.
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Any creativity in this matter is encouraged, but remember that this, again, is not a "carrot and stick".

There may be a penalty system, however, be sure it is consistent with labor laws.

Now, let's move on to the non-obvious points of non-monetary motivation.

types of motivations

Intangible type of team motivation

As we said above, employee motivation is not just about money, but an individual approach to each employee. Along with that, there are some general ideas for improving task performance. Let's call them:

  • tickets for various entertainment events (cinema, theater, museums and various exhibitions);
  • take into account temperament (you will find out with the help of a small test) – this will help an employee to reduce the working day in a day and, on the contrary, add another one;
  • corporate travel inside and outside the country;
  • convenient and standardized schedule;
  • simple feedback and explanation of all incomprehensible aspects of the work in an accessible way;
  • commendation in the form of a special merit board;
  • the opportunity to express your opinion and propose an idea, a free field in the initiative to solve various problems;
  • give thanks for the work done in this way, make it a habit;

As you can see, there can be many approaches, such as the types of workers and their pace of performance. Approach this issue responsibly, as it contains pitfalls, which we also talk about in this article… We wish you a good atmosphere in your team!

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