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Aliexpress is a global trading platform for everything in the world: from the smallest trinkets to vacuum capacitors and laser machines. Chinese products were sold at the speed of sound and in a short period of time Aliexpress became one of the most popular websites. It is popular not only among buyers but also among sellers. It is important that you can use the Aliexpress affiliate program. The affiliate program implies cooperation between the seller and the partner directly in a commercial manner that is beneficial to both.… Let's take a look at how you can make money using a Chinese goods website and what you need to do.

how to make money with aliexpress

AliExpress Affiliate Program: Advantages; operating and connection mechanism

It works very simply: you give a link to a potential buyer for this or another product, they place an order through it, make purchases and you receive a percentage (cashback) for that.

If you decide to use the Aliexpress affiliate program, then, in fact, your main task is to distribute the referral link as efficiently as possible.

It is important to know that there are several types of platforms that provide this same Aliexpress referral link. Let's talk about them.

Epn Affiliate Program

It is good in functionality and understandable for Russian speaking users. Sellers receive 8.5% for each unit of merchandise… We recommend giving preference to it as it is much more profitable than the site's native affiliate program. Let's find out how to connect an EPN affiliate program.

  • We register with the affiliate program itself. For that there is website… Familiarize yourself with the interface, pay attention to the balance section, withdraw funds to various wallets.
  • We go to “tools”, we go to “my creatives” and see the following possible actions:
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“Create Smart” means creating a banner of a certain size, which is placed on the website.

“Create direct link” means linking to a product category.

“Create an affiliate link” means creating a link to a specific selected product.

  • We select the latter and in parallel we look for the unit of our interest, to which we will connect the reference link (partner).
  • After the steps above, enter the product name (short and to the point).
  • Enter the link according to the product.
  • Click on “create creative”.

Prepare! Now you have the link you need to earn money. Share it on social media and attract people to shop through it. There are other ways to work with the AliExpress affiliate program, let's see how they differ and which one would be right for you.

How to work with Aliexpress using the plugin: what you need to know

Not everyone has a separate platform with which you can successfully and quickly sell goods. Therefore, it makes sense to adopt a plugin (a site tailored to a specific product or group of products).

You are actually building your WordPress online store using plugins.

Thanks to the function of adding articles, you can write interesting texts for your blog and thus increase your activity. Also, the website is good because it is easier to promote and make it recognizable in search engines. The plugin works with the official Aliexpress and Admitad affiliate network (a nice feature as withdrawing money for Russian speaking users is often easier, stats are conveniently displayed and it works). Admitad does not limit users to Aliexpress products only: add any units from different websites… In the plugin, you can use the already named Epn. After installing the plugin, you will need to select a template for the website. Aliexpress referral links can become a steady source of income if you set up the site effectively and regularly blog about it, browse interesting categories and products. How to make money on Aliexpress

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Recommendations on working with Aliexpress: We get around the difficulties in the early stages

And so, we can safely say that the Aliexpress program is an excellent option to earn money. If you are interested in this type of activity, then it makes sense to give you some tips for a successful start.

Be selective about your products.

Determine for yourself what you want to sell and to whom. Your site users must be passionate about finding what they want from you. For example, if the site is geared towards beauty products, then fishing gear will be superfluous. Don't risk losing potential buyers with extra units, give them everything they need. Also, be sure to check job reviews and ratings to avoid embarrassment and distrust in you as a salesperson.

Use links instead of banners.

Banners are blocked by various programs and links are better perceived by consumers. An aliexpress affiliate program should be set up in such a way that it is mostly convenient and understandable for customers since you will get a profit for your purchases.

Avoid malls.

These really high quality units are harder to find and their gains are zero. Why? The products of the mall segment are original products of various brands with delivery in Russia. They rarely meet the specified description and therefore you can get a fine.

Look for SEO promotion.

The aliexpress program is really a good option for earning money while having its own difficulties. They reside in the inability to recognize websites and platforms where you can post referral links. Therefore, SEO experts will help you drive sales more effectively and raise your bar through SEO optimization and advertising.

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An affiliate program with Aliexpress is worthy of becoming your passive income. Try this kind of income, because it's open to everyone. We find out how it works and what it takes to do it, so you have every chance to effectively engage in sales.

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