How to buy wholesale products from China? step by step instructions

We think many have heard a lot about Chinese contractors and their products, we even recently wrote about how to find a reliable supplier of chinese products… And this is no accident, because the products on sale in China can bring real profit to both a beginner and an experienced entrepreneur. But not everything is so simple: how to combine a profitable supply? where to find a quality product? What are the difficulties in this process and how to get around them? Today we will find out all the nuances about wholesale shopping from China. Let's start!

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Where and how to buy bulk products from China: about the main nuances

Initially, you should understand that the number of units of new products in the Celestial Empire is infinite, here you can find everything and for any niche. You need to pay attention to the quality, but you can check it in different ways. (and it's best to use them all at the same time): ask for samples before buying a large batch, check the product and supplier reviews.

This is very important because it will be impossible to issue a refund without losing personal funds– You will incur transport costs and, in addition, no one can guarantee a refund for the goods.

The next nuance is, of course, language knowledge. All dialogue with China's clothing suppliers is in their native language.… There is a chance of getting an English speaking partner, but this is very rare. Therefore, you should hire a translator for convenience when ordering Chinese goods in bulk.

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I would also like to say that there are separate services of intermediary companies and specialists in Chinawhich will serve as a sort of safety cushion for you as a beginner. Here we will tell you in more detail.

How can an intermediary company help?

  • Will carry out an audit, inspection of the supplier and the goods.
  • Will discuss the terms and all parts of the transaction.
  • Agree with your partner to pay for products without additional commissions.
  • Reviews a batch of goods that will arrive at the warehouse.
  • Provide delivery in your country.

In general, the intermediary's main task is to minimize the negative outcome of the transaction.

In case of discrepancy between what was received and what was ordered, he will help to return or replace units of goods without loss of money. Well, if you still want to buy products from China in bulk independently, without intermediaries, pay attention to our recommendations!

Step-by-step instructions for placing a wholesale order from China

It is worth mentioning that it is easier for legal entities to handle the whole process, due to the fact that many Chinese partners ask for your address and legal data. But if you intend to buy a small batch, for example, on AliExpress, an individual in this case will not be a problem. And so with the instructions!

  1. Choose a location where you order bulk goods from China. The best option would be: Alibaba, Taobao, Made in China and the aforementioned AliExpress.
  2. Check the supplier for all possible parameters: experience of working with foreign buyers, product analysis and cooperation, the presence of a supplier in the fraudster database, comparing the price of your product with the price of other sellers (if it is significantly lower, you should think about it). Find your supplier in different markets and compare product details, photos and features, rating – if everything is identical then the chance of a secure transaction increases.
  3. Deserves a separate item factory selection and verification. It would be logical to opt for a company that sells its products in a region where it produces. This is an economically correct solution. You can verify a factory as follows: check the address and company name on the online maps, this will help to make sure that such a factory exists in principle.
  4. During the dialogue with the Chinese partner, the following documents must be requested: company license, product certificates, id manager.
  5. Ask for samples of the products you want to wholesale from China. Do not buy units until the sample is perfect for you. You should not rely on the fact that in a situation of an “accidentally” defective sample, a high-quality batch will come.
  6. Talk to Chinese suppliers during business hours. The really important point is that you can avoid delays in clarifying various issues. We would like to recommend using a local manager: WeChat. There you will be able to see the photos in better quality than by e-mail, get an increasingly faster response to formulate and send a question.
  7. Transfer payment to the VEEM.COM service. TThe commission is 20 dollars and does not depend on the amount of the transfer. You can consider other payment options, but our opinion is the most appropriate.
  8. Choose a shipping method and wait for your shipment.

By the way, have you heard about private travel to exhibitions in China in order to close direct wholesale supply contracts from China without intermediaries?

At these events, you have the chance to get to know your future partner first hand, visit the factory and compare competitors. At the same time, note that it makes no sense to go to such exhibitions without an interpreter.

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Buying products from China directly from the manufacturer is no different in quality from buying them through an intermediary, while for a beginner it can be a difficult process as there are many nuances in this market. But it's up to you which of these options to choose. And on to the results!

China wholesale products: conclusion

The Chinese goods market is not inferior in quality to its European counterparts. Cheap clothes wholesale from China will be a great choice for the inexperienced businessman, it is only important to select long-term product units.

This is a great way to make money, start buying and selling on various online resources. We are sure that you already have enough information about ordering products from China, so you will be successful!

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