What is sabbatical? How to safely go on a long vacation.

Sabbatikal– especially long vacations of two months to a year. This term can be literally translated as "stop doing". The Sabbath entered modern speech from the biblical word Shabbat, which in turn has the interpretation of “holy day of rest”. In our age of constant workaholism, this kind of time has become a necessity, and today we're going to talk about how you can organize that for yourself.

what is sabbatical

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Why is the sabbatical necessary and to which official will it be given?

Normally, in a company or venture, the interruption of the main activity can be paid or not. It implies the preservation of the workplace and avoids the total exhaustion of the profession. Often, people do this because they feel that their strength will soon run out or that the crisis has arrived.

It's important to understand that this isn't a luxury item on the work goodies list, but a mental health necessity.

If you feel that life has turned into a home-work-home and it doesn't bring you the same pleasure anymore, then you shouldn't delay with the decision to take a break and turn your gaze inward.

Which team members will take the gap year?

Of course, such a decision is made individually by each individual leader in different ways. But at the same time, you can request a long vacation if:

  • the company is interested in cooperating with you in the long term;
  • you are a professional in your field and it is difficult for you to find a replacement;
  • personal qualities inherent in you help the company to develop;
  • you have serious family difficulties;
  • you want to dedicate a year to learning and improving your skills on the job;
  • there is trust in you and the hope is that by the end of the sabbatical you will perform much better tasks.
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Such a vacation is of great responsibility for the employee, as he must be one hundred percent sure that he will not only take someone's place during his idleness, but also spend the time available for his recovery. You need to be focused on a certain outcome while on vacation. And if your goal is to normalize the mental and moral state, then for this you also need to try.

Remember that over a long period of time there is a risk of losing skills. Be confident in your gap year.

It also makes sense not to leverage, but rather to try to reduce the load, delegate tasks, and review your schedule.. In combination with this, you need to simultaneously seek the help of an expert.

what is sabbatical

The cool side of the sabbatical

According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, articles 334 and 335 you are entitled to extended and extended paid leave with a withheld fee. Certain categories of employees (faculty) have this right, but employers themselves can grant this leave in an employment contract and guarantee the employee's right to receive it.

How to agree with the manager?

The main thing in this process is to clearly and clearly state the reasons for leaving. Complete all your projects and tasks before he does. You may receive a temporary replacement and be asked to train a new employee in their roles. Use the following tools when talking to your boss:

  • prepare in advance and determine how the company will benefit from your break;
  • Give everything in numbers (how much will they save and then get paid, or how much will they invest in your vacation and how much will you earn after that);
  • tell us how you will be useful after the gap year (plans to improve skills, specifically which ones and how they will be useful to you and the company)
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Even the most cherished work at a certain point can become hateful if you don't stop in time and don't allow yourself to breathe. During the sabbatical, you will acquire vitality that will be important not only at work, but also in your personal life. Solve the burnout problem comprehensively, or better yet, don't bring everything to a head.

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