What is the company name? naming secrets

Appointmentis the foundation for creating a memorable and unique sounding name for a brand, company, company and any startup. This is part of identity development, which in turn is responsible for product recognition. The identity speaks of colors, style and unique presentation. A well-structured identity leaves the consumer with the right associations and differentiates your product from thousands of competitors. To achieve the desired result, you need to think locally in all its aspects. So today we'll start with the nomenclature and find out how to name a business so the customer will remember you.

how to name the company?

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How to name an organization, naming principles

It often happens that business creators, without hesitation, choose the first word they find and bet heavily on the fact that they will bribe the customer with services. It's an illusion.

You can easily go from being a serious law firm to being ridiculous on the Internet because of the weird sign with your name.

It's more logical to initially address this issue completely, because as you name a boat, it's going to float. I would like to materialize and provide tools that will personally help you find your name. It is worth saying that you can use several techniques at the same time. Naming tips for your name success:

  • use allusion (a polysemantic word that indicates different characteristics, but at the same time they all specifically describe the product). They can be references to literary characters, movie heroes or well-known figures. From examples of company names, one can name “Veles”, “Loja de Baco”, “Onegin”. This will help take an existing image and organically fit into your brand identity.
  • Mimesis will help you to be original in sound. Typically, these are words rarely used in modern language. If you don't want to take a word that everyone knows, but it describes your product well, look for mimesis.
  • Acronyms bring a new word. Simply put, it's an abbreviation that sounds like a separate word. How to call the company, examples of this method are widely known, the same IKEA has Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd decoding.
  • Neologisms you can also add to the list of techniques, after which new words appear. Taking the 2 or 3 familiar words and combining them into one, you get a neologism. How to name LLC examples this way – the company “MegaFon” used a neologism.
  • Metonomy works on an associative array with appearances. You give a definition of an object or individual that is not peculiar to it. Let's say that "golden colors" is a metonymy name.
  • In alliteration, two consonant words work in pairs and are easy to remember together.
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Artistic tricks are good for creating a title, this is a real treasure trove of ideas. Create multiple options so you have plenty to choose from.

How to name your business: what does a successful name consist of and what do you need to know about the legal side?

Having created a word, you need to pay attention to the relevance and appropriateness of its use in your particular case. There are some aspects to consider when choosing.

  1. It fits the field of activity. If it is, for example, the production of frames, the name should not lead the customer to a toy or home appliance store.
  2. Ease of pronunciation and spelling. The word must be laconic and simple, that is, it must not raise questions from the consumer. When naming your company, a person need not doubt the correctness of what has been said. Your task is not to confuse it with a large number of vowels or consonants, abbreviations and a very long sentence.
  3. The semantic associative array should not detract from the name. How to name the company and not be mistaken? Say this name as many times as possible and understand how it makes you feel. We have already specified above that this point is especially important. Pay special attention to this.
  4. Understandability of the target audience and broad audience. If you are already at the stage of creating a company, you are sure that you know for whom and what you are going to produce. But at the same time, don't forget that your business must be understandable to other consumers as well. The name must inform all customers of your willingness to offer certain services.
  5. Compliance with location and idea. This means that the company name sounds appropriate to the region where it is located and reflects the internal concept.
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There is also a legal side to the issue of naming your company, as in addition to being unique, the name must be legally registered.

how to name the company?

What you can call a company: let's stay tuned for legislation

What legal restrictions should we take into account when creating a name? There aren't that many, and you need to put them into service if you want to legally register a business. First, we list the legal acts responsible for this process:

  • The Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Art.54) requirements for the names of legal entities were approved.
  • Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 52 of 03/02/2010 regulates the use of the words “Russia” and “Russian Federation” and their derivatives.
  • Law № 230-FZ of 12.18.2006 and Article 1473 The Civil Code of the Russian Federation is responsible for trademarks.
  • Law No. 129-FZ, of 08.08.2001 (item “g” of item 1 of article 23) prohibits the registration of a company name that does not comply with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and other legislative acts.
  • Law No. 14-FZ of 08.02.1998 “On Limited Liability Companies” (Art. 4) is responsible for the requirements for uniform company names.

There are also general requirements governing the question of how to name the organization. You should take them into account to avoid problems during the registration phase. Of these, the main ones can be distinguished:

  1. You are not allowed to use the names of federal agencies in the country.
  2. A legal entity can have up to six names, one of which must be a corporate name.
  3. The name must be unique, as it is registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
  4. You cannot name a company with just one word from its field of activity (eg “hairdresser”, “restaurant”, “cinema”.
  5. The Russian name must be translated into English using transliteration or literal translation
  6. You may not use foreign word names and their derivatives (e.g. LLC “Lithuania” or “Lithuanian ..”)
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It is important to review all laws and regulations relating to the requirements for the name of a firm, company or enterprise, as this will greatly simplify filing in a single registry.

How to name an organization if there are no ideas for a name?

If you couldn't find a name or are in doubt, there is an option to use name generation services. You can also look up how to name a business for free name examples. Even if you already have some options, don't be too quick to give up using these programs. Maybe they will give you a good word and you will transform it more accurately. The following services can help you:

There you will discover for yourself how to name companies and good examples. We name the main bases on which the nomenclature is based. With their help, you will find your way around and easily name your project!

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