What to do during my 20s to become a millionaire when I turn 30?

1 – Know the meaning of diligence, consistency and resilience

2 – Invest in a good education (in this case it can even be self-taught, everything I learned in college could have learned it myself at home or in a public library)

3 – identify a skill, improve it for more than 10 years and then develop a business model on top of it.

4 – acquire liabilities instead of assets (I got you! It's actually the other way around! Get used to having 200, 300, or 400 lots of WEGE3 instead of a motorcycle to show off the girls, because the age of affordable transport has arrived and today we have UBER)

5 – Start to identify potential markets and develop replicable solutions to frequent people problems

6 – Be pragmatic (don’t believe everything course sellers say, unfortunately being a millionaire is not a matter of meritocracy and competence, as it also involves other emotional, financial, social factors, etc.)

7 – Outsource friend! With money graduates work for you and still call you Lord! As well as work leverage makes amazing things possible.

8 – study the financial viability of things, what makes money go round!

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