The Bakalchuk family founded the company Wildberries for 437.2 billion rubles: what is the secret of success?

All the media started talking about the Wildberries success story at one point: how could an English teacher become a successful businesswoman and increase her income tens of thousands of times over? We'll talk about it today!

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How it all beganfound?

Quelle and Otto's German clothing and shoes were the first goods that Tatyana sold on the Russian market, becoming her agent. Implementation went through the Wildberries online store and started in 2004.

The apartment turned into a warehouse, and a year later, everything grew into separate facilities and a staff.

Together with her husband Vladislav in 2005, they registered a limited liability company.LLC “Wildberries”. An interesting fact is that Tatyana's husband is alreadydid a successful deal with Alexei Fadeev. They were involved in information technology and founded the service provider Utech. But Vladislav decided to sell this business and, according to some sources, the amount could go towards the development of Wildberries. During the partnership of the spouses with Sergei Anufriev, the internal capital of the company was 14 million rubles. Sergey, in turn, was responsible for logistics, mail delivery, and also for Wildberries' security service.

How did Tatiana bribe clients?

The scenario of the first stages of development is very simple: everything starts with a small headquarters, and with constant effort and work, the first large sums are achieved. But for an online store to become successful and popular with shoppers, it needs to be presented with convenience, attractiveness with something no one has ever done before. This tactic was chosen by Tatiana. Here are the solutions she found:

  • Wildberries introduced free shipping regardless of distance and quantity for which the order was placed;
  • the assortment of goods was replenished with shoes, which was impossible by those standards;
  • free docking at pick-up points forced many shoppers to shop at Wildberries;
  • and, of course, the main clothing and footwear niche was the mass market – favorable prices for good German quality attracted customers to the place.

Over time, supplier contracts became profitable for Tatiana and her clients. Big brands like Tom Farr, s'Oliver, Tom Tailor Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, LTB, Nike, Puma, Levi's, Mustang, Mexx, Geox and others have appeared on Wildberries.

How is Wildberries' business model built and how does it differ from others?

The next significant step was that the company opened order-issuing points not only in the big cities of Russia, but everywhere. Places with small populations were able to buy European brands and, thus, fell in love with Wildberries for this model of behavior with customers. This all contributed to the website promotion process and they reached the TOP in sales compared to other online platforms.

It is worth talking in more detail about the free delivery function – the company relented with this decision, but the number of purchases, on the contrary, increased.

It is also important that Wildberries have chosen to develop in line with the market specifically… What does that mean? The site hosts different manufacturers, they can independently think about their catalogs, make decisions about what they want to sell to customers. Entrepreneurs do not solve the problem of delivery and logistics – this is done by the online store itself. He also takes over product advertising and promotion. Because of this strategy, buyers receive a large selection and a varied assortment. This is the most effective way to traffic and platform recognition online today.

Wildberries is constantly launching discounted promotions and increasing the loyalty of online visitors. This company had the idea of launching a personal clothing brand, but so far this idea remains unfulfilled.

Already in 2020, the capital of the company increased to 437.2 billion rubles.

Dexpenses grew and Tatyana herself – she topped the Forbes women's list as a self-made businesswoman. The total profit is US $ 1.45 billion.

Tatiana Bakalchuk

Silvestres – an innovation for the national market

Now the online store has gone international, in addition to Russia, clothes, shoes, children's and household items, and even electronics are sold through Wildberries in the USA, Spain, Moldova, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Kazakhstan, Israel and other countries.

“Wild Berries” (translation of the company name) changed the perception of Russia.

This portal is interesting because of its business model, as the percentage of turnover of resources only increases each year. Wildberries is a marketplace for partner companies. He works directly with clothing manufacturers and official distributors.… The company is fully owned by the Bakalchuk family and is registered privately. Investment is not involved.

The democratic form of management and the 20 thousand hired employees make Wildberries even richer.

Wild blackberries today:

  • in 2016 they were among the most successful in terms of online sales, which is explained by the high growth in the points of receipt of goods;
  • in 2019, the daily number of orders was 750 thousand;
  • Wildberries is the distributor of the new collections of the Dutch brand Mexx;
  • in 2021, an online store for the sale of goods on installments and loans;
  • In 2020, Apple recognized the Wildberries mobile app as one of the most popular among users.

This company does not have constant staff turnover, unnecessary functions and complex management system. Tatiana doesn't agree with the board of directors, and her clients make the most of it: she bought fast, received fast.

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