7 Thumbnail Ideas for Affiliate Marketing with Youtube

Video content is taking over the Internet. According to Cisco forecasts by 2022, video will represent 82% of the global Internet traffic. The reason for the popularity of video is obvious because it provides a multidimensional experience that has a lasting impact on the human mind. That's why many editors chose Affiliate Marketing with Youtube is a channel to promote your main product. This approach is very smart and has the potential to increase conversions because video has better retention and recall rates than plain text or still images.

Impressive numbers make Youtube a great dissemination channel

Because video is effective, 81% of brands use video marketing. YouTube is the platform of choice for its simplicity and huge user base. Furthermore, the monthly traffic is up to 1.9 billion people per month. For marketers and influencers, YouTube presents countless opportunities. You can increase your brand awareness and sales through YouTube video marketing.

Think With Google surveyed YouTubers and found that 90% of people discover new brands and products on YouTube. 50% of respondents say that video shapes their final purchase decision. More than 500 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute since May 2022. This number will continue to grow exponentially in the future.

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For all these reasons, competition on YouTube is fierce. In order for your video to stand out and shine in this ocean of content, you need to create video thumbnails. Thumbnails will decide whether or not viewers click on your video. Thumbnails are usually what decide the fate of a video, so you can't just focus on the content or effects of the video, but you need to pay attention to the “facade” of a product.

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What is Youtube Thumbnail and What Does It Mean for Youtube Affiliate Marketing?

A YouTube thumbnail is the thumbnail image that viewers will see first before watching a video. It's a small, clickable still image that captures the viewer's attention.

Thumbnail Youtube gives viewers the first impression of your video. An eye-catching thumbnail that piques curiosity along with an impressive title will make it hard for viewers to ignore.

Thumbnail, while a small part of an entire video marketing strategy, can dramatically boost your brand. If you use typography in your thumbnails, viewers can start associating your brand with it. By synchronizing and unifying a font type, font size and color to form a certain style, it will increase the value of brand recognition.

7 Thumbnail Ideas for Affiliate Marketing with Youtube
YouTuber famous for his Project Life Mastery channel

The idea of creating “quality” thumbnails to attract viewers when doing affiliate marketing with Youtube

Coming to this section, we suggest ideas for creating your own “personality” thumbnails and optimizing click-through rates.

Use the correct YouTube thumbnail size

If you have the time to create professional-looking thumbnails, start with the standard size of a thumbnail.

According to YouTube guidelines, your thumbnail image must be 1280 x 720 pixels, with a minimum width of 640 pixels. The 16:9 aspect ratio is ideal as it is most often used in YouTube players and views.

Creating a thumbnail image that is too small is a big mistake. While thumbnail images appear relatively small in YouTube search results, don't forget that YouTube videos can be embedded as well. For this reason, you need to create quality thumbnails and this size will be reduced when posting on Youtube. Also, you need to save as a JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG image and keep the file size below the 2MB limit.

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Put yourself in the spectator's position for psychological analysis

If you are a viewer, how do you want to search the content, what will you be impressed by first. Then determine what the customer's biggest concern is?

Before searching the Internet, the user's goal was to find specific content, going straight to their search needs. But then they are easily distracted by many different things. For example, MVs of famous singers, friends, entertainment videos, etc. And to limit that mindset, your thumbnail needs to get straight to the point, showing in the thumbnail the content that most interests users. This will entice viewers to click more on the video.

Sync a font and image color to create effective affiliate marketing with Youtube

It is always important to familiarize your audience with your brand and content. A good way to do this is to try to create consistent thumbnails with similarly styled fonts, memorable colors, and strong designs. If you've determined the direction of your YouTube channel's business model or style, use that font as a thumbnail for every video you produce.

If you haven't already, choose a nice, clean title font in a design tool like Snappa. You want something that is clear and easy to read at a glance. Make sure the font represents your company's brand.

7 Thumbnail Ideas for Affiliate Marketing with Youtube7 Thumbnail Ideas for Affiliate Marketing with Youtube
Use the Snappa tool to choose the right font

Use colors to create your own style when doing affiliate marketing with Youtube

Thumbnail uniformity is a way to showcase your brand and personality, as well as letting viewers know what your YouTube channel specializes in. In addition, color image syncing also helps your channel to become more professional and trustworthy in the eyes of viewers. The content of each video may be different, but it will certainly share the same channel theme, color, design, and font. So follow this rule if you want to go far with Youtube.

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If you don't have a very good aesthetic skill in creating images, don't worry, because today there are many channels and libraries of great ideas for you to consult, such as Pinterest. Or you can see more in many magazines, books, websites. From there, discover your own true style, suited to the content you create.

Use good contrast in YouTube thumbnail design

As mentioned, the title on your thumbnail is of utmost importance. But if you can't read the title or the text in it, what's the point? That's why we have to mention the contrast.

While there are different types of contrast, the most important thing to consider is color contrast. If the two colors are different (eg black and white) they will have high contrast, while if they are very similar (red and orange) they will have low contrast.

7 Thumbnail Ideas for Affiliate Marketing with Youtube7 Thumbnail Ideas for Affiliate Marketing with Youtube
Use contrasting colors for thumbnails

When creating video thumbnails, always make sure the text contrasts with the background color. If necessary, you can use a tool like Adobe Color to ensure your colors have effective contrast.

Insert actual image in thumbnail

Thumbnails with images of real people will generally have a higher click-through rate because authenticity is clearly shown in the thumbnail, making it easier for viewers to attract them.

Put true and accurate information in thumbnails

If you create thumbnails with collages, colors that trick viewers into clicking by deceiving, it will definitely affect your brand and reputation. Also, YouTube will stop showing your video in search results if your bounce rate is too high.

Thumbnail aims to provide context and content for the entire video. So don't try to trick viewers with confusing titles just to get a few seconds to click on the video.


If you have clearly defined your business model objectives as Affiliate Marketing with YoutubeIf you consider Youtube as the main product promotion channel, pay attention to the above things. This will help you to increase your content view rate and purchase rate many times over. Now start applying these tips to the thumbnails to create your own style!