Is the information about the Remitano scam true?

Remitano, a name very familiar to investors in the Vietnamese market. It is the popularity of this trading floor that made the rumors about the Remitano exchange scam increasingly widespread. The virtual currency space is a sensitive space, so it is not uncommon for many people to lose money on exchanges. However, before receiving information about fraud-related issues, you need to have a certain check, the following article will give you the most accurate answer as to whether Remitano flooring is a fake or not?

Was the Remitano bag hacked?

Since its inception, the Remitano exchange has never been hacked, so it is even more unlikely that Remitano will collapse. Currently in Vietnam, Remi is still the largest trading platform in terms of transaction volume, large number of users, and its reputation has also been confirmed. There was only one time when Remitano exchange got involved in a user data exposure scandal, this exchange immediately gave an explanation why a Remitano employee took advantage of their authority to send fake notifications to all Remitano customers to gain ownership. Immediately after that, Remitano took steps to prevent any harm to users. Also, sometimes Remitano is often unable to access, or cannot withdraw funds, operations do not work,. problems very quickly.

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Remitano exchange has never been attacked
Remitano exchange was never attacked

Is Remitano a scam?

The issue of the Remitano exchange scam has been mentioned a lot, but it's all still just a rumor without any real proof. Also, there are a number of reasons that come from the way clients' investments accidentally cause them to lose money, so they mistakenly think Remitano flooring is a scam. Here are some situations where an investor may experience problems with their Remitano account.

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Deposit/withdraw coins from Remitano but not appear in wallet => Remitano scam?

This is a common case among those who are new to trading Bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in general. You must understand that when transferring BTC or any other currency, it will take a certain time for the transaction to be “confirmed on the Blockchain network”, long or fast depending on the blockchain of that currency and when you send the network is congested or not. Specifically, with BTC, the normal confirmation time in the absence of network congestion will take around 15-20 minutes, sometimes faster, and it can also take several hours if the network is congested, with ETH it will be faster. Therefore, when depositing and withdrawing coins on Remitano or any other cryptocurrency exchange, you should patiently wait for a certain period of time before concluding that the virtual currency exchange is a scam that makes you lose money.

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Using “tricks” to cheat by other users on Remitano

This is also one of the main reasons why many people think the Remitano exchange is a scam, but it is actually because users of the exchange use “tricks” to trick you into the process of making transactions. As you know, transactions on Remitano are completely done between users and users, so this is also a way for crooks to take advantage of scams on Remitano. Here is a specific example:

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The crooks will create several different nicks on this exchange and create ads with the same information, but only one order is real payment, all these crooks click on “I paid”, when they receive the message I received the money and press “I received the money” without verifying the transaction code and the merchant name because the amount is very similar, the BTC will be released by Remitano and your BTC will be stolen by the crook without getting paid back.

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Many bad actors use tricks to cheatMany bad actors use tricks to cheat
Many bad actors use tricks to cheat

How to avoid being scammed on Remitano exchange?

To avoid fraud on the Remitano trading floor, you should observe the details below. Normally, when you make a transaction, you transfer money and coins directly to the buyer/seller without using Remitano's VND wallet, so you inadvertently become a target for scammers. Using Remitano's VND wallet for transactions will be more secure. Also, if you still prefer to transact in the usual way of transferring money and currencies directly, then before trading you should choose a reputable buyer/seller. You should choose those that have a good transaction history, providing the following information:

  • fast seller
  • Frequent buyers and sellers
  • Large amount of traded currencies
  • positive user feedback
  • Verified Account

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The article partially verified that the fraudulent information from the Remitano exchange is completely false. If you come across some of the cases mentioned in the article and think you have been tricked by this trading floor, please consider carefully. Remitano is always a sought-after name on the Vietnamese market, if you intend to participate in trading on this floor, you can open an account to register now.

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