Make money with dropshipping on eBay

the heat of make money on ebay Dropshipping, Amazon, Bonanza… are spreading widely in the community, especially among young people. Ebay Dropshipping is one of the opportunities you should take advantage of. With the newbie, you are struggling to dropship on Ebay or not. Please take some time to understand the information in this article.

Make Money Ebay What is Dropshipping?

The simplest understanding of Ebay Dropshipping is how you sell goods without shipping. This is a business model where you are a retailer, but you don't have to keep inventory.

If the customer needs to buy, he should contact his supplier and ask him to send the goods to the customer. Of course, you won't miss out on shipping to the customer either.

So you don't waste time sending to customers, but just focus on product marketing tasks as well as simple customer service and tracking. Your profit is the difference between your distributor's price and your customer's price after deducting shipping costs. So the person who owns the process is the Dropshipper.

Dropshipping Ebay
Dropshipping Ebay

You will buy the product where the price is low and sell it at a higher price, depending on the product, you can get different profits. If you want to earn a great income or have a passion for business but don't have investment capital, Ebay Dropshipping will be right for you.

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Dropshipping on Ebay or not?

At first, the houses dropshipper always thinking about choosing an e-commerce channel for their products. Ebay is also the best choice for you.

Ebay is an e-commerce site that allows the Dropshipping model to work

For other big e-commerce sites like: Best Buy, Walmart or even Macy's, you are only allowed to sell when you have direct products and have a deposit and shipping system. If you cannot guarantee these factors, you can also trade, which means that you are breaking the law and violating its regulations. Your friend's account may be blocked immediately.

For Ebay, it is not only allowed but also encouraged to sell with this form. It is a In terms of dropshipping, you should know which form of business activity is best suited for you.

Dropshipping EbayDropshipping Ebay
Dropshipping on eBay

The initial cost is almost zero

This is also a pretty sweet spot where you start to get acquainted with low-cost e-commerce like eBay. The upfront fees are almost free from registration to product listing on the website.

eBay only collects when your product is successfully listed for sale and when you use the resources in the process of expanding your product listing or business scale. You must pay the product fee to the manufacturer after successfully selling your product. The amount depends on the product you are selling, it can be as little as a few USD/product.

But low upfront cost doesn't mean you do business with 0 dong of capital. Your starting capital is at least 2 million to carry out other related activities. When creating a PayPal account (payment account), you hold funds for 21 days for first payments until your account is eligible: created in 60 days or more, received 5 undisputed payments, the total amount you receive must be greater than 100 $. When your PayPal account meets these 3 factors, any money you receive can be used immediately.

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Fast capital recovery

With Dropshipping on eBay will save you a lot of money when starting a business. The most outstanding feature of Dropshipping is its ability to quickly turn capital.

Upon successful transaction with a customer on eBay, the customer will be paid via PayPal account. And you use the same account to trade against the supplier.

The process is not complicated

Here is the eBay selling process you must go through:

Step 1: Sign up for an eBay account

step 2: Sign up for a PayPal account. This account is the account the customer pays you after making a successful transaction. And also the account you use to transact with the supplier.

step 3: Link PayPal to eBay.

step 4: Select a payment method (Paypal or Visa/Master credit card). Also create an eBay seller account (sales account)

Step 5: Product search. This is the most important step for Dropshipper. You must research the market carefully and choose the products that will be listed for sale on eBay.

Step 6: List items on eBay. Once you've made a decision about the products, you'll place them on eBay.

Step 7: Product optimization and promotion. This step is the step to build customer trust. You will optimize the product image, description and title to encourage customers to buy your product.

Step 8: Receive payment and ship the goods. When a customer orders your product, you buy the supplier back. At the same time, please inform the customer's address to provide the freight to the customer.

Above are the 8 most basic steps of the eBay selling process with Dropshipping. This sales process is quite simple and not difficult for everyone (even beginners).

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eBay customer source available

eBay is one of the world's leading online sales sites. eBay is second only to Amazon, with a total monthly traffic of over 285 million visits. There are often big sales, hot items at super preferential prices. Ebay promises to be more and more popular and create trust for consumers.


Here are all the reasons to help you answer: dropshipping on eBay or not? Business is not an easy job. No matter the field, industry or form, everything is difficult. try please Dropshipping on eBay starting today!