Ganhar dinheiro com appkarma: é confiável? paga? funciona? Melhor app 2023

Does the Truth about earning money on appkarma rewards really pay? is it reliable, how does it really work? Know how to use it and is it worth it?, is it good and safe? Let's do it:

What is Appkarma?

AppKarma It is without a doubt an incredible, the best app to earn money and prizes by testing new apps or doing different tasks in addition to earning money with our youtube channel..

AppKarma Rewards how does it work?

Appkarma is not much different from other apps that reward their users for making use of their mobile, android, PC, ios, iphone, but it does incorporate some options and details that make it extremely interesting and improve the user experience vastly over its competitors.

How to download appkarma?

click here to download updated appkarma apk If you browse through your cell phone you will be taken directly to Google Play or iOS and if you browse through your PC you will be taken to another page where you have to put your mobile number (with your callsign ex: 55) so that you get a message of text with information to download the application.

How to register on appkarma?

To start enjoying the app, download it and install it and then open it and
The next step is to register the account. Only you need to put in a username, email address and password. Once this is done you will receive an email which you click to confirm your account and ready to start earning prizes and cash.

How to earn money with AppKarma Rewards?

Appkarma is an application based on a points system that will later be exchanged for cash.
*. How are these points reached?

Lots of options to earn points in AppKarma

• Offers I: In this section are the most original proposals that the app has. For example, we can find the “Karma Tests” simple questions about the application itself. Example: Is the gift card available on the point of redemption page?
Answer Options {*.McDonalds, *.iTunes, *.Amazonas, *.Google Play} Obviously, the correct answer is McDonalds Just for that, we will get 50 points.
*. In this section, you can also earn points simply by logging into the daily app or playing “Karma Plays“.
The last operation is simple. It is download, install and play for at least 4 minutes of a game in question. So simple. You can earn 15 to 150 points each.
*. offers II: This section is most typical in these applications. To earn points in this section, download all kinds of apps and games. For us, points are assigned correctly, you have to test applications for at least 4 or 5 minutes.
*. •Videos: here you will earn karma points simply for watching or watching videos.
*. Earn by reading emails: the only app that pays well by reading email, you will receive a code every day to enter the app and earn up to 500 points, very simple.
*. Earnings with youtube: earn money through your youtube channel ex: if you have more than 10,000 subscribers, profits can skyrocket in a big way. AppKarma is paying between US $ 6 - $ 10 CPM(cost per thousand impressions) so great alternative to adsense.

Minimum Appkarma and Payment Method

The minimum to request payment is just US $ 3 $ by PayPal is 4000 points, but with 10,000 points you can convert to US $ 10, so waiting will be more profitable.

Appkarma earn more: Tips and Quick Strategy

Trick to earn more money with appkarma is to perform tasks or open the app always in your free time. After that you will have the chance to add additional points and level up.
*. The higher the level, the more points you earn for watching videos, playing games, opening the daily app, etc. The most active users earn more money. and you can be one of them.

Appkarma: Conclusion

AppKarma is the best very profitable, safe and reliable app with lots of earning possibilities. Available for everyone and compatible devices for Apple and Android, PC, iOS.
The minimum payout is very low and easy to achieve. Just complete the first steps (registration, email confirmation, tutorial, first offers, etc.) can easily reach 1,000 points. and It can help us earn some extra money over time in a free, simple and fun way.

NB: If you found this awesome app, remember that you can start earning a bonus of 300 points, if you put my invite code: [merech]

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