What is the best network or adsense? money with youtube channel

Check out adsense vs network which one pays more? youtube network or google adsense which is the best to make money with youtube channel, do you have a small or large channel? See which network to choose, Do you want to join a network? So you came to the right place.

So again, we're here with new and informative content about monetizing videos on YouTube. Yes, it's true that you can monetize your videos without an AdSense account with the best youtube networks and the best thing to know is that the other networks that will show you may be more beneficial to you compared to AdSense. In this post we will share a comparison between some networks How much other networks are giving you compared to Google AdSense.

Google AdSense vs Youtube Networks (Partner)

Google AdSense =>> pays all 68% from 100%. YouTube gives you 55% and takes 45% itself and if you monetize your videos with AdSense account, you will receive 68% from your earnings. Thus, AdSense shares 68% of the revenue that is earned by your channel, so think with me. What will you do when AdSense disables monetization for your channel or when AdSense is not approved for your channel. So if you are having problems with your AdSense or AdSense is not generating as much revenue as you expect for your channel and content, then the best option is to try better network here that are giving more than AdSense. They are giving you 80% up to 110% out of the 68% that YouTube offers.

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But what if one of the below mentioned networks helps to make your videos go viral and make you more money than AdSense. So, I will share the best of them with their features (advantages and disadvantages) which will surely help you to decide better for you. Let's list and compare the following features for All Network.

Network vs adsense which is better?

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The things we are going to compare are:

Revenue breakdown: how much percentage they give you and how much they keep out of 68%

Requirements: the network requires at least 100 subscribers and 500 monthly views. Adsense 10,000 subscribers and 5,000 views/day. that they require)

Contract: monthly or annual contract or are made)

Focus: what kind of content on channels do they require) networks accept all types of content excluding adult

Payments and Limits: US $100 for adsense paid via bank and only US $1 for network paid via paypal and banking

Benefits: what they offer)

Should I join a Youtube network (MCN)?

Note You should note that these networks network are giving us more percentage than AdSense. If we compare AdSense with them, AdSense is giving us 68% out of 100%, which is 55% in total. The mentioned networks are giving us 80% up to 110% etc out of 55% of the revenue received from YouTube. The benefits we can get from ourselves (Better Networks AdSense Alternatives) are that they provide us with tools, premium high CPC ads and help us maximize our revenue. At the same time, they also keep a percentage of our revenue and the best with just US $1 you can already be paid via paypal or other means other than adsense in which you will need to accumulate US $100 dollar

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Network Vs adsense: Conclusion

So, here we discuss all the pluses and minuses of all the best and most popular networks. Now it's up to you how you choose the best one for you. Obviously you will choose the one with the highest CPM and the highest revenue share so we recommend this list here. So its time to explore and join a network and become famous on youtube and still earn money.

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