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Check out what it is skylom, do you really pay? Is it safe, reliable? or just a scam, fraud? Well, See tips and strategy, the truth you really need to know and much more about how to use Skylom, is it valid for Brazil, Portugal or our country.

What is Skylom How Does It Really Work?

skylom is a completely free platform with which you can choose to win prizes of up to $ 500 (prize value varies daily) without any effort.
This platform belongs to the same administrator as skylom. Its operation is very similar, although I personally prefer the baymack, as it is easier to win prizes. And all you need to do is one invite link to Skylom here to start taking part.

How to make money on Skylom?

To earn money with baymack, we simply have to get tickets or ticket to participate in singles or contest that takes place daily, and to get these tickets, we must only watch videos on YouTube that do not exceed one minute, one and a half minutes, and then classify them in the corresponding category.
For every 5 videos we watch and rate correctly, they will give us 1 ticket and we can only get a maximum of 10 tickets to participate in the daily draw to make a total of 50 videos that we must watch every day.
If we want to start watching videos, we must go to the button that says “Enter Draw” in green.
After pressing the button, a video will appear.
We are going to give you play and at the end of the video the category will appear where we will have to classify the type of video.
If we correctly answer which category it belongs to, we will go to the next video.
And so on until we receive our first ticket.
In the beginning there are high chances that you are wrong, but once you get the trick, the work is simple and the advantage we have is that we can let the video work while we do other activities, more participations are more likely to take us. the jackpot, so our goal every day will be to get 10 tickets and therefore have more chances to win on Skylom.

Skylom is reliable, does it really pay?

On the homepage we can see what prizes will be drawn in Skylom, winning prizes of US $ 5 for 20 possible winners, US $ 1 for 300 possible winners and the most common prize (which almost always comes out) of 0.02 $ for 5000 possible winners.
To check if you have won any prizes, go to the home page in the upper right corner, where it says”winners“and there we will see the date we played and the value of the prize we won.
If we want to claim a prize on Skylom, we just have to go to the home page and in the menu part we will see a section that says “awards“, let's go and then we'll see the prizes we have available to redeem.
Then we give the “Redeem” button and ask us for the mail to which we will send our prize via PayPal or via an email (Amazon gift card).

Skylom how to hit

Knowing how to play or hit Skylom is one of the tricks and tips that are very important if you really want to win big on Skylom and a good strategy is to play every day because an easy tip to earn money on skylom

Skylom on Android:

skylom app download despite not having a native app on the Playstore, the page runs very well from the browser of your choice, and it will be easier and more practical to do it from your cell phone as you can do it from the comfort of your bed, in their spare time, at work, or wherever they want it to take place

Final considerations:

skylom It is one of the best trusted site that is really worth it.
While Skylom's earnings aren't very high, the minimal effort involved in winning the tickets and participating in the daily sweepstakes, not to mention that it's likely that at least earning US $ 0.02 each day, makes it worth it. .

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