4 Melhor aplicativo para ganhar dinheiro desbloqueando a tela do celular 2023

Pay to unlock screen app here you will earn money just by unlocking your cell phone screen, android, iphone, ios or even PC… Check out the best screen lock apps that pay to use, Looking for more ways to earn extra income with your phone ? First, think how many times throughout the day do you unlock your phone? Probably "many". Let's face it. These days, we use our smartphones more than we drink water.

Now, imagine if you could earn money for every time you pick up and unlock your cell phone. Would you accept the offer? Probably you certainly would. Actually, many people are already making money this way and so can you.
There are several applications that you can install on your android phone to earn some money in a simple and easy way.

If you search the Google Play Store, there are more than a dozen unlocking apps that have this feature.
To make your decision a little easier, this article will highlight the best apps that pay to unlock your phone.

4 Best app that pays to unlock screen

After testing all applications and making some careful comparisons, we concluded that there are only 4 best unlock apps to make money, These apps share many similar features; however, there are some minor differences which will be explained in detail below.

How to make more money with screen lock app that pay to use?

Here are 2 tips, tricks or strategies you need to know to make more money on your lock screen:

1st Place always an invite code during registration to earn a welcome bonus which will help you to redeem your payment faster

2nd If you want to make easy and fast money with these apps every month, you should also consider installing all these apps on your phone. The only downside is having to swipe right four times every time you use your phone. However, since it only takes a few extra seconds to do this, it's worth the financial rewards. You'll get free money for something you would do anyway.

Here are the 4 best lock screen apps that pay you money for unlocking your phone:

1st) LifeSlide the least known and the best app that pays to unlock the screen, easy to earn points that will be exchanged for real money this is “ my favorite lock app” that pays well.

Enter this Invitation code or name: “b>Mereque” in the option “invited by” and earn 200 points free and easy.

LifeSlide download here

LifeSlide More information here

2nd) Whaff Locker The second best screen lock app that pay to use, this is the newest addition to the popular app WHAFF REWARDS, the new LOCKER bringing only the best reward to your first screen! You can also earn money by downloading other apps and watching videos. similar others best apps that pay.
The layout of WHAFF Locker is very attractive, intuitive and easy to understand. The cool thing about the app is that it tells you the exact amount of money you've purchased instead of using a points-based system like the other apps. You can download whaff locker below and enter this invite code: [ IQ52293 ] to start earning money or welcome bonus

Machete Download whaff locker here

Whaff locker Complete Manual

3rd) front very similar to lifeslide is one of the best options to earn money by unlocking your cell phone screen

Front more information

3rd) Slidejoy, although less profitable than the 2 previous ones, is also an app where you can earn points by unlocking the screen that will be converted into cash.

Slide Joy Complete Manual

Win on screen: Conclusion

To summarize, these are 4 of the best apps that pay to unlock your phone. LifeSlide and WHAFF Locker are the best app, and easiest to use compared to the rest of the conclusion. Making money just by unlocking your cell phone screen is how to get extra income easy and simple.