Making money with LifeSlide: is it reliable? Pay? It works?

See the Truth about how to make money with LifeSlide do you really pay? is it reliable, how does it really work? Know what is LifeSlide how to use and earn money by unlocking the screen, Life Slide Brazil, Portugal or other countries, is it worth it?, is it good and safe?

In this review you will know all the important facts about this site.
We will bring you our tricks, tips, and strategy in order to earn more or get the most out of your screen.

What is LifeSlide?

THE Life Slide – Lock Screen, Unlock Money is one of the best app that pays to unlock screen from your android phone, with which you make money without doing anything simply by unlocking your screen and still getting paid for it. However, this app is also included in the ranking best app to earn money.

LifeSlide how does it work? : Registration

Stop understanding how LifeSlide works you need You will need to download it, you can do it directly through on here. Once that's done, you need to register to start earning money.
Registration is very simple, simply open the application and select the option “Don't have an account? Register. ”
Immediately you will open a registration form where you must enter your data, in the section where it says”Invited by” you must enter this name or code: merech to start earning 200 points after signing up. and so I would also be extremely grateful if you would enter my name or code. Done that Ready! You have already created your account and now you can start earning more points or life. Find out below.

How to make money on LifeSlide?

To earn money on LifeSlide, we must simply start unlocking the screen of your cell phone and the more it wins the number of “Lives” that we accumulate because these are the credits necessary to exchange them later.

Is LifeSlide Pay Really Reliable?

Life Slide it's a great app that really pays, is quite reliable, and allows you to earn money every month without any effort just by unlocking the screen.

Tips and Tricks: How to make more money on LifeSlide?

Using these strategies I will explain below. you will be able to earn points faster on LifeSlide:

1st) Afterdownload LifeSlide during registration enter the code or this name: merech in the option that says Invited by oh you already get 200 free welcome points

2nd) Get an additional 200 additional slides for free by entering the code “PIONEER automatically, 200 lives will be credited ($ 0.20).
To enter this code only in the app, click on the menu in the section on the left and enter it in the “promotional code“.

3rd)In app only, click menu>Preferences> Advertising and activate all the boxes.

4th Get 100 more free lives by sharing the lifeslide on Facebook, for that, at the bottom you will see the option”Share lifeslide with your friends

5th keep unlocking your cell phone screen as the more you unlock the faster you will be earning.

now let's go to 6th step down that you really should try:

Earn commission for referrals: another good option

This is a great way to earn money by referring your friends to LifeSlide by inviting them on social networks, forums, blogs, etc. you will earn 10% for your referrals and 6% for your referrals' referrals.

LifeSlide Minimum and Payment Method:

Will be able to request a payment when you earn at least 2000 lives “points” equal to US dollar $2, in a few hours or days you can reach and request your first payment by Paypal or Payza.

LifeSlide: Conclusion

LifeSlide is the best app that pays by unlocking the screen from your cell phone earning money without much effort, it really works and is very reliable because I already receive payments from this and others best apps that pay. If you liked this wonderful app, do the Download LifeSlide apk here and put the code or name: merech in the option “Invited by” and earn 200 free points.