3 Melhores encurtador de link que paga em bitcoin 2023

Learn how to earn bitcoins by shortening link. Check out the best link shorteners that pay in bitcoins by shortening and sharing company links on the internet. Today I bring you new shortener the best link shortener that pays in bitcoin, ethereum, shorten url and earn bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in a simple and fast way, paying high CPM rate. if you already follow our blog or follow it, you already know that we have focused a lot on how to make money by shortening and promoting company links using the best link shorteners that pay.

Nowadays there are many shorteners that promise high yields and last very little. Although this doesn't happen to everyone. But in today's post I only bring some recent link shorteners I follow them and have been paying since the end of 2016 but so anyway they are worth it. Because they have great CPM rates or pay better minimum CPM, which means you make more money with them than your competitors

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What is best minimum CPM?

Each shortener pays a “pay per thousand clicks” CPM amount for a given country. In other words, you can pay US $0.80 for 1000 clicks to Brazil and still pay US $10.50 for 1000 visits from Portugal, that's where the problem lies. Have you seen such a difference now? You will not only get clicks from the Portuguese public to earn more. So a shortener with the best minimum CPM is one that, in addition to paying high for some countries, still pays very well for other visits from all over the world, that is, you can pay US $10.5 per thousand clicks from Portugal and still pay US $1.5 per 1000 visits from all over the world, it's so simple to earn more money because your shortened links will always be clicked by people who live in different countries.

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best link shorteners that pay in bitcoin:

Here is the list of the latest shorteners that have been paying heavily but it's worth giving them a few votes of confidence and start earning bitcoins or money with them:

1st » ShortenNet the best Brazilian link shortener that pays in bitcoin 2020. Undoubtedly this one deserves the top1 not only for having a high CPM, but also for being a registered company, being the most reliable and even considering some special days where you can earn more than R$10 in timing issues.

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2nd exam → one of the best url shortener that pays in bitcoin 2020 with fast growth and one of the most reliable that has been paying a very high minimum US $3 per 1000 visits from all over the world is the who pays the most on the list and still with a minimum withdrawal of only US $5 made via bitcoin, paypal, payeer

Exeio n is one of the excellent and always paying option!

Exe.io » Registration

3rd Tmearn → one of the best site to earn bitcoin by posting links on the internet, paying a minimum CPM of US$ $2.8 per 1000 visits from all over the world and earning only US $2 you can redeem your earnings via paypal, payeer, and in bitcoin.

Tmearn has excellent payment options:

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These are the latest link shorteners but recommended and paying which is currently the most successful. Although present a small risk when compared with the best shorteners that pay..