5 Melhores formas de pagamento online mais usados em 2023

What are the best online payment methods most used in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, for e-commerce or virtual store? Check here the best companies or online payment platforms to send and receive money over the internet.

When it comes to investing or make money online, one of the most common questions is what payment processor do you use? We have a long list of processors and it is often difficult to decide on one.

Today, there are several payment processors, in this list we mention the most popular ones because almost all sites we work offer the possibility to use them to make payment.:

1st payer » Currently, it is a most used online payment method due to its speed of sending and receiving money anywhere in the world with very low commissions for the user than the previous one and the ease of converting balance into bitcoin easily makes it processor increasingly used in online businesses, especially in PTC sites, shorteners that pay HYIPS and other investment sites.

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2nd Skrill » is one of the best online payment methods formerly known as moneybookers is one of the payment processors that stands out for not charging fees when receiving payments and is very popular on payment sites. online betting / Online casinos / PTC sites, in addition, receive or withdraw free money”no taxes“, make Skrill a very attractive and highly recommended payment processor.

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3rd AdvCash » is an electronic payment platform that has been online since 2013 and, although it is still not as popular as other processors, in recent months more and more online companies have offered the possibility to use this payment method.

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4th paypal is arguably the most important and popular payment processor in the world today that dominate the Internet e-commerce industry.
This processor allows the transfer of money between users who have an email. PayPal is a very good alternative to traditional sending money with checks or by mail. PayPal also processes payment requests at the vast majority of online stores and other online services.


All the above mentioned online payment methods are excellent, so the choice depends on where you want to use to receive or send payments.