Top: 2 sites to make money spreading news | sharing

Sites that pay well, check out the best sites to earn money by spreading or sharing news and learn how to earn money by posting company news on social networks: on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, telegram, Youtube, etc. or websites and blog without any investment so earn money with publications

Currently you publish texts, photos and videos directly on Facebook and you don't earn anything for that, when you register in the sites indicated below you will be able to publish links of texts, photos, videos, music or movies in the system and send them to Facebook and other social networks and make money using social networks, websites, channel or blog, for that.

So we only post the most reliable, safest sites that actually work to make more money.

How to make money sharing links and news on facebook?

On each site mentioned below, we explain possible ways to earn extra income working on social media/facebook on each of the sites listed:

1st • Vigo video » the best site to earn money by creating news and sharing on the internet the more views the more you earn, this is my favorite site because it is more fun and profitable

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2nd• Social money » best Brazilian site to make money posting news on the internet the most reliable has been paying since 2016 and you earn R$4.00 (Reais) for every 1000 clicks.

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Best sites to make money promoting links

1st •Za.Gl → the best site that pays promoting links in 2019, if you want to earn bitcoin by posting news links on facebook or earn money by disclosing business links this site is for you.

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2nd• best shortener at the moment. a site that pays US $1.5 (dollar) equivalent to more than R$ 6 (reais) This is one of the best link shortener that pays shortening urls one of the safest in the world » Sign Up Now

Best sites to earn money by liking social media.

2nd• Goopag » the new pay-per-use social network, that's right! works in the same way as facebook and still has many innovations and a very big differential of renumbering its users. Currently it already has many users.

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2nd•FollowLike » a fantastic site as the name suggests. you will earn with likes/likes on facebook, following on twitter in addition to earning money by watching videos on youtube, but it offers several ways to earn. so it's a really fun way to earn money doing what you already do on social media that you're paying for.

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Tips and Strategy

Quick tips and tricks to make more money

How do I spread or share this news link on the social network and earn money?

To earn promoting you need to select ,You just need to copy news links and share on your social networks. so, in order to monetize, you need to post them on your profiles, pages, groups and/or other places on your social networks and/or on your websites.

payment methods

Payments are made within a few business days or immediately depending on each site counting after the request to your bank account are mainly Brazilian Banks, but don't worry {don't complain} the same sites we also use international payment methods such as , PayPal, PagSeguro, Neteller or even directly on your cell phone/recharge, so you can earn money even if you don't have a bank account”.

How much do I earn by sharing news links?

We can't define how much you can earn, if you dedicate yourself you can earn a much greater value. The greater dedication, Patience and its source of dissemination, the greater your income.

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