3 Melhores sites para ganhar dinheiro com visitas no blog 2023

Learn how to make money with blog hits using the best sites that pay for blog visits, the most reliable ones paying well for views.

Did you know that a website earns money per access? It is true! In this post we will share the best sites that give money per visit where you will earn money with views on your blog or website and thus increase your extra income in a very simple way, currently sites that pay for access are the best options to earn money while receives visits on the blog/website.

How to make money from blog visits?

Making extra money from visits is the simplest way to monetize a blog. Let's say you want to earn money from your niche blog, fashion, downloads, music, movies or files and you receive or attract 400 daily visitors to them only 100 visits download your music or click on your ads.

Notice the following: only 100 people clicked. What about those 300 people who came and went from your site and didn't bring you any profit? Wouldn't it be interesting to make money from these people you brought to your site? Even if they're not clicking or buying something? This is where pay-per-view sites also known as “CPM” pay-per-view affiliate programs come in.

Best sites that pay per visit:

We have gathered only safe and reliable sites, the ones that pay the most and are easy or without any approval:

1st PopCash » is considered the best site that pays for access to the blog, as it accounts for almost all visits from all countries, it only works with ads poup under less invasive and it is highly recommended to monetize visits to any blog or websites.

PopCash » Sign Up Now

2nd a-ads » without a doubt, anonymous ads is the best site to monetize your site and earn bitcoin with visits or access to your blog or website that pays well. highly recommended for those who want to earn cryptocurrencies

A-ads » Register Now

3rd PopAds " best site that pays the most by ads savings very invasive and save under, this is one of the most popular and highly recommended for monetizing news sites, adult sites and monetized projects. You ads savings generate “a lot of money”, faster or higher earnings and they are very annoying and annoying for visitors and harm in “SEO”

PopAds » Sign Up Now


What are poup or popunders?

poup or Popunders are windows that open automatically whenever a person visits a certain page or post.

Which sites are accepted?

All types of free, professional websites and blogs are accepted, including adult and non-adult websites.

By how many views can you start earning money on the blog?

No minimum “even with 10 daily visits? Yes you can".
*. NB: Although the more visits the better earnings for you.

Is it possible to earn money with few visits to the blog?

Yes. Even with a newly created website. Great news isn't it?

Tips and strategy

One of the methods is that it is possible to make several customizations in these popunders, like choosing a more profitable niche like for example education, health and money.

Can these and Adsense be used together?

Of course yes.
In the rules of Google Adsensees it is very clear that it can be used with three more networks of popunders to monetize the site.
Of course, these networks must not distribute content that violates Adsense rules.

NB: But if adsense is not approving your blog I recommend using the best alternatives to google adsense

He doubts? Want to know which is the best among the networks? See a review on Popads vs Popcash on here.

Know that everyone is really good because to accept a professional blog wordpress.org you can still earn extra income with a free blog or website, for example
how to make money with website or blog (blogspot, xtgem, netxid, wapka, wix, tumblr, webnode, weebly, tumbrl, jimdo, etc)


In this post you publish the safest sites that pay for visits, excellent ways to monetize websites, any project or blogs with low, medium or high traffic and can still be used in conjunction with other affiliate networks without resulting in penalties and that It is very good because it allows to obtain the maximum possible gains.