Vktarget: melhor site que paga em rublos 2023 |Curtindo as redes socias

Today I bring you the Vktarget the best site to earn rubles using social networks, Check it out and learn how to earn money by liking pages, photos, ads, sharing links and much more just using your social networks. Here you will know the whole truth about how to use Vktarget pays? is it reliable, how does it really work?. Well let's get to what interests us:

What is Vktarget how does it work?

Well, Vktarget It is one of best sites that pay for likes or a secure Russian site that pays for watching YouTube videos, subscribing to youtube channels, liking pages, photos, participating in groups, sharing post links and other things we normally do on a social network.

How to register on VKTARGET?

As with all we have to register in the corresponding section, by the way, the page has the option to put it in English, although most of it is still in Russian and you will have to use google translator to know what it asks for in some tasks.
Once in the registration section, fill in the corresponding information, accept the terms of service and hit the photo of a kitten that will appear below. If you prefer and you already have your account on any of the social networks, you can register with any of them just by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Vktarget » Create Your Account

They also ask us for a mobile number where they will send us a verification code to confirm our account.
(Don't use personal social networks if you don't have external social networks, I recommend you create one of each.)

Be careful with this too when registering on each social network we can only earn Rubles with this social res that we validate and social networks already validated can no longer be exchanged because the site will not allow us and then we will win?

How to make money with Vktarget?

Now let's know the steps to earn rubles with Vktarget:
*. The first thing we should know is that the Vktarget website is in Russian language, but we can translate it to Portuguese with Google translator.
*. We have only one way to earn Rubles with Vktarget , and that is with our social networks.

The first thing we're after register on Vktarget is to register or link our social networks so that we can start earning Rublos voucher, after registering in each of the social networks we will add them to the platform.
The tasks that pay us the most are:
*. VKontakte
*. YouTube
*. Facebook
*. Instagram
Now Twitter tasks tend to come out very few, but they are very well paid.

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To see the tasks that come out, let's go to the platform and check for new tasks.
On the other hand I also want to inform you that for tasks that are validated after fulfilling what they ask us in each task, we must wait a minimum of 15 seconds for us to validate the task and pay us.
I personally want to inform you that you can withdraw profits every 2 days the minimum withdrawal is only 25 rubles which are easy to get fix that with just seeing 3 tasks we will be earning 1 ruble.

Vktarget » Sign Up Now