4 Best Sites: Make Money From Likes and Followers on Social Media

Best sites that pay using social networks “facebook” and more with social media or even watching or just visiting “youtube” videos.

How to make money typing on social media?

We all know the importance that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have taken, where millions of registered users share all kinds of content.
There are people who want to increase the number of fans of their page, followers, subscribers to their youtube channel or ranking in the “SEO” search engines and in return they pay companies, so they are also considered:

Best sites to advertise and increase your audience or sales

And in turn they will pay for every affiliate or person who takes any action. Once registered, we have to give the famous “Like” on Facebook, “follow” on Twitter, and so on. Each time we do this, we usually earn a virtual currency that can then be exchanged for real money when we reach the minimum payout for each site.
*.Tips: use the google chrome browser (to translate and facilitate your work within the site) as the sites listed are not available in Portuguese
*.Remember if: this method will certainly not make you rich, but it will give you extra income doing what you already do on the social network.
Here we only mention Recommended Sites [tested and approved] Although We are receiving multiple payments from them:Make money on social media:
Register on all sites and always do a daily activity you will see that your total earnings will increase quickly:

Best sites that pay for browsing social media:

make money on facebook

*.1. follow like → is the best site that pays for likes and followers in 2018. making a small investment for a VIP member (optional) and referring friends you will get many advantages and the minimum payment is 20 dollar paid via paypal.


*.2. Vktarget → Russian site one of my favorite sites, it pays very well is one of the best, most reliable and famous sites to earn money by performing various tasks on social media, with an attractive minimum payment of only 25 rubles via PayPal, with fast payouts.

NB: Site in Russian use google chrome and translate to Portuguese

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*.3. fanslave: → the best site to earn money with likes that pays in euros, it is the oldest, very reliable, paying in euros you can earn money or extra income using Facebook, Twitter and youtube, performing various tasks the minimum payment is €15 paid via paypal.

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*..4 GooPag » the new social network that pays users, works in the same way as facebook, has become one of the best Brazilian site that pays for likes, get paid to like, share, follow, like, play, browse, meet new friends, groups, pages and much more currently already has many users from Brazil, Portugal and several countries. is that you?

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well now see:

Advantage when advertising on the above sites or main ways of earning:

Each site indicated above works with a variety of social networks and they all have different points and options:
*.You can get or earn money:
*.Sharing or liking photos, videos, pages, making comments, with followers, joining a group, by tweets, retweets, subscribers, visits, circles, repins, plays, subscriptions, add to favorites, exchange traffic and more) , All this allowed on various social networks and websites such as: (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, reddit, tumblr, TSU, zap zap, Instagram, telegram, MSN, Skype, StumpleUpon, .SoundCloud, Pinterest, Myspace, Vkontakte, Vine, medium, etc)

Conclusion: make money from likes and followers

In short these sites are better for making money doing what you have been doing day to day on social media. In addition to conquering our audience.

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