Is Payeer good?: best way to get paid online 2023

payer is it good?, All about what is Payeer what is it for? How does it work, is it safe and reliable? Check it out and learn how to deposit cash and bitcoin, buy and sell with Payeer and earn extra money.

What is Payeer wallet and what is it for?

THE payer It is one of best way to get paid online which is used to withdraw money from websites to work online.
Payeer was founded in Russia in 2010. Currently, it is considered one of the most used payment processors worldwide brazil, angola, mozambique, portugal, etc due to its speed in moving money around the world, with low transaction fees a wide variety of options, both for depositing money in your PAYEER e-wallet and withdrawing funds .

Payeer: main features

*. Creating your account is free"free here

*.You can send and receive money from your bank account. The minimum amount to withdraw is US $ 50 and generates a commission of 2.9% 0.75%.
*.Card balance with visa and mastercard.
*.Request a MasterdCard Payeer card.
*. Convert Payeer balance to Bitcoin or other similar means such as AdvCash, okpay, payza and vice versa.
*.Exchange within the platform itself (Euros, Dollars, and Bitcoins).
*.Unlike other processors, you will not be able to open disputes with potential fraudsters.

Payeer: registration and first steps

Creating a Payeer account is free and will not take more than 2 minutes, which you can do now, clicking here.

Then you will see the main page and a big button that says “Create account” and you will see a registration form, where you have to fill in the registration page, accept the conditions or rules of the processor. You will also find a secret word so you can leave it the same or change it if you wish.
Then you will see all your account data. It is recommended to copy them and keep them in a safe place.. You are now ready to use Payeer.

How to verify Payeer account

It is advisable to always have the processor accounts verified, to eliminate limitations or avoid some other future problem. To receive money from sites that pay by payeer It is not necessary, but it is necessary to verify when you are going to send or receive money from a bank account or credit card.
The steps to verify your Payeer account are as follows:

On the main screen, click on “Configuration”, fill the form with real data (first and last name, your passport or ID data, country, among others). and click Confirm.

Is Payeer safe and reliable?

THE payeer is a very complete and highly secure and reliable payment system. You can create a password and security code that you can use to perform any type of operation on the platform. You can also choose to add additional security to your Payeer account via two methods, this way you will be safe from intruders or even hackers.

Virtual or physical MasterCard card: Payeer boleto

THE payer has its own MasterCard card. The virtual card costs US $ 0.5 and the physical card costs US $ 9.95. The latter takes approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive. Although not necessary.

Payeer Affiliate Program: Another Good Option

You can earn a lot of money by inviting your friends thanks to its 6-tier affiliate system. You can earn up to 25% from transactions your friends make. Payeer's affiliate program can be considered one of the most attractive and the best way. If you have a lot of friends, or you only have one website or blog, fb. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Payeer: Conclusion

payer is a best of online payment systems favorites of many users who work on websites for make money online because of the great ease it offers when transferring money to other payment processors, in this sense, it offers more than 150 different payment options.