How to Take Massive Actions to Build Passive Income in 2022

Look, we all love having a passive income source, but it's not possible without taking massive action”

Sera?, it's true – there's really no such thing as passive income. The entire premise or implication of this phrase is misleading. Or rather, it is a temptation to think lazily. Either way, “passive income” should never be the focus.

Instead, you must focus on a massive income.

That's the keyword here: HUGE.

In fact, that's the word behind this entire blog post you're reading right now.

in massive action

The recipe for successful massive action is somewhat obscure. In fact, it's almost a secret because it's so little known.

It's like building a building; you start with a solid foundation and then take massive, determined action to lift it up!

Visualizing your goal

It has nothing to do with “The Secret”!

The first thing you need to do is get into the habit of visualizing your goal as vividly as possible. Now, I don't just mean mentally; I mean physically too.

Specifically, you need to involve your entire physiology in experiencing your goal, as if he had already achieved it.

You might think this is impossible, or that I'm leading you down the forest path towards some kind of mystical bullshit, but I'm not.

All I'm doing is pointing out some skills you already have – you just might not have noticed!

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You can really experience any emotion you want.

Whenever you want and wherever you want!

It is true!

Have you ever had a flashback to a past experience and relived it in your mind? Remember the first time you rode a roller coaster? Do you remember the emotions you experienced then?

You already know that certain emotions can alter your facial expressions, but did you know that does it work both ways?

Try! Now, grimace as if you're suddenly happy and excited! Maybe add a short breath or two.

Can you feel your emotions changing?

(Okay, get back to normal now.)

You've just changed your entire physiology.

It's best to watch Tony Robbins explain all of this in detail, because it's something that really requires a video.

The bottom line is that it all comes down to getting your physiology into its peak state – the place where it can reach its full potential.

But, this is only half of the cake.

Once you reach your peak state, you can start taking action.

acting massively

In the context of internet marketing, it depends on what your approach will be: free marketing or paid marketing.

But in any case, the most powerful thing you can do is tell your story.

Whatever you've struggled with in the past, you need to get really good at telling that story on an ongoing basis – artistically integrating it into many different forms of content.

Basically, you're going to be saying, " This one is where I come from but on here that's where i go, all because of what i'm doing now. You are with me?"

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With free marketing, incorporate your story as much as possible in all your content; be blogging , or making videos, or recording audios, or photos – or a mixture of all these things – just do it.

do not depend entirely from SEO. Acting en masse means stepping ALL THE WAY out of your comfort zone.

No need to spam or harass people; find places where like-minded people and start building relationships with them; pity them. Talk about what you are doing to change things in your life.

With paid marketing, use your story in your advertising: whether it's web ads, PPC, magazine ads, voice broadcasting, or any other form of advertising.

Even though it will leave you vulnerable to haters who will come and make fun of you, do it anyway. because people that identify with what you went through will want to join you even more !

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Making a massive income

This will be the shortest part of this blog post because it's so simple (in network marketing terms).

Remember how earlier I said to focus on massive income instead of passive income?

Here is the key to generating massive revenue:

Focus on getting two new sales a day.

That's it!

Now, I DON'T want to focus on 14 sales a week, or 60 sales a month. That would really require superhuman power.

It's easier – and more viable – to focus on sponsoring two new customers into your business every day.

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It's literally impossible not to make a big income for yourself if you do it consistently.

It’s true that you’ll get more and more “residual” and passive income flowing into your account, and it’s okay to be grateful for that – as long as you don't focus on it.

Only focus on two a day to earn a great passive income…

…and take massive steps to produce that massive revenue.