Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

If you are do affiliate marketing With the home customer segment, Zalo is the platform you need to pay attention to after Facebook. Zalo is one of the most used social networks in Vietnam today. To effectively promote sales and business on Zalo, one thing you definitely need to know is to run Zalo Ads. In this article, we will learn from the steps to run effective Zalo ads, increase conversion rate.

If you plan to run Zalo Ads but don't know where to start, don't skip this article. With detailed instructions, we believe you will be able to do this soon after reading this article.

Zalo Ads doing affiliate marketing

Zalo Ads is similar to Facebook Ads which is a way to run ads on the Zalo app to promote your products and services to reach the right customer segment you want on Zalo.

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

In addition to the popularity of Facebook, Zalo is a social network that allows free texting, calling and video chatting developed by Vietnamese. So far, Zalo has attracted a large number of users with more than 100 million users on this platform. With such impressive numbers and Zalo's high security, the ability to drive real user accounts to sales is extremely potential.

Catching on this trend, many businesses and online entrepreneurs quickly set up sales accounts on Zalo, combined with ad serving to effectively increase sales. And if you're the only one do affiliate marketing so don't miss this successful advertising channel.

Zalo ad delivery methods

Zalo offers many advertising options and forms for users to target many different purposes.

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Run Interested Ads Zalo OA

This is a form of advertising that pays when someone clicks on your ad, also known as CPC (cost per click).

This form is very suitable for new Zalo OA accounts who need to attract interested people and follow. You can reach people who are already interested through bulk messaging.

Conditions to advertise OA on Zalo:

– Need to create a Zalo OA page and be approved by Zalo.

– About the advertising content, there will be 4 parts: Description of images, Images, Content describing products and services in Zalo OA, CTA (Call to action).

Ads increase traffic to the website

This form of advertising is intended to increase visits to the company's website or store, specifically here your website for do affiliate marketing.

promote articles

With this ad, users aim to increase click-through and purchase rates on that article and increase brand awareness. This is the easiest and most popular way on Zalo and other social platforms, especially for those who are Publishers of Branded Brands, or simply do affiliate marketing for platforms.

Optimizing display of advertising posts

This form is to support brands or companies like New Newspaper, to reach many users.

product ads

This way of serving ads on Zalo aims to promote click-through rates and the ability to close customer orders.

video advertising

Video is one of the easiest forms of advertising to attract viewers with compelling moving images. Compared to other formats, still images, video is a way of ad optimization to increase the stay rate on your ad post longer. So consider this form if you want to double your click through rate.

Places to display ads on Zalo

Similar to Facebook ads, Zalo has Facebook-like features and functions in advertising campaigns. Consider where the ads are displayed.

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– User news feed

– Zalo network system

– Store catalog

- Message

How to identify target customers in Zalo Ads

With any advertising platform or tool, targeting the right customers is extremely important. This is the first factor that determines whether your advertising campaign is effective or not. So, how to target the right prospects with Zalo Ads?

For Facebook ads, it's almost like targeting specific audiences through demographic factors like location, behavior, device preferences, etc.

But for Zalo, there is a different advertising mechanism than Facebook in terms of advertising money. Facebook ads will convert to CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions), meaning ads are charged based on the number of impressions. Therefore, you need to target the right audience, let alone save on advertising costs. However, for Zalo, the advertising fee will be converted into CPC, meaning when someone clicks on the ad post, you will lose money, so you don't have to pay for the number of impressions.

So by advertising through Zalo, you don't have to try to analyze demographics like Facebook or other advertising platforms.

How to run ads like affiliate marketing on Zalo

In this section, we'll go through the detailed steps to create an ad on Zalo.

Step 1: First you access Zalo Zalo will usually be logged into your existing Zalo account, you click on the “Create Ad Now” item to start setting up the campaign.

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

Step 2: In this section you will see many types of advertising items: website ads, Zalo OA ads, article ads… Here, depending on the purpose, you choose the right ad for your campaign.

Here we focus on targeting Zalo OA, other ways are similar to this campaign.

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

Step 3: You choose to start with zalo OA ads and select the Zalo OA page you want to set ads for.

In this step, you configure the target audience of the ad with options such as: location, gender, age, phone operating system. Below is an estimate of the number of leads based on your settings.

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Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

Also, at the bottom, you will see the Demographics and Interests option. You can target audiences according to user demographics and interests, similar to how you set up ads in Facebook Ads.

Once you've set up your audience options, you choose how much to pay for your running campaign, schedule, and budget. With Zalo Ads, the lowest price you can set is 440 VND/click.

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

Step 4: The next important part is setting up the ad content, with the following information:

– Ad campaign name: This name makes it easy to manage ads in the admin section.

Description: Description of the product or service.

– Logo: This logo will display at the top of the ad.

– Title: will be displayed outside the ad template.

– Description: Information, content describing products and services in your ad.

– Show button: With this you can request the execution of a certain action: see more, interested….

Step 5: The additional information section is for companies and individuals who deal with specific products, need to request documents to be approved for advertising, you must upload them here.

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

Instructions for running Zalo Ads when doing affiliate marketing

After setting everything up, you check all the information again, if nothing changes, you can select Submit for review. The Zalo side will process your ad, the browsing time can last from a few days to a week. So, you've successfully set up a Zalo Ads campaign without spending a lot of time researching or analyzing demographics like on Facebook.


When do affiliate marketing You shouldn't stick to a routine or listen to anyone's advice that affiliate marketing needs a website to be successful. In addition to the website, you have many ways to reach customers effectively. In addition to Facebook being a popular platform in Vietnam, don't forget that Zalo Ads is also a popular social network in Vietnam.