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See how to earn more money by shortening links with one of the best sites where you shorten urls and earn money. quick tips and tricks.

How to make money with shortened URLs

shortening urls and making money posting links has been the best way to earn extra income on the internet without any knowledge or investment.

what is is a link shortener that pays your affiliates for every click when someone visits your shortened links. With you can promote these shortened links and receive a commission for each click received.
These links you can post on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, websites, etc. Obviously, if you have social media accounts with a lot of followers, you will earn more money.

To start earning you only need 2 things:

Create account on

– Shorten links and spread them as best as possible

How to register on

Shortest Registration =
To create an account on Shortest click [on here]. Then click on "Join" and fill in all the necessary information in detail and click on the register
After signing up, you will receive a confinement email. Finally, once you have activated your account, you need to log in and now that's it, you can start shortening links.

>> “Shortener links: create shortened URLs and make money.”>>

Recommended: This shortener works, it's reliable, it really pays, and it's safe. Tools offered offers three good tools that are quite useful that you can use to boost your earnings on Shortest:

Shrinker Dough
Mass Shrinker is a tool that allows you to shrink multiple URLs at a time. This is a good tool if you want to share multiple URLs for posting.
Notice: shrink Only URLs via 'Mass Shrinker' that you will actually use. If you abuse the tool, it may deactivate your account.

quick link
This tool allows you to make any url in paid link without logging into your account. It's very simple you just need to add the link at the end. This tool will be useful for you if you have to frequently shorten links and earn money from them as shortening one by one is a lot of work.

Full page script:
Full Page Script is a script for website administrators that they can put on their websites to automatically convert all of their outgoing links to shorten links.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Profits with

Actually making more money a link shortener that pays is a task that depends on you the more you are promoting your links the more you will earn.

Here are some methods to promote your links and earn more:

Make money from blogs and download sites If you have a download blog know that you can earn a lot of money with your blog. Using this shortener on your download sites. Just shorten the download link and make it available to your visitors.

Make money posting links on Facebook: =>> Do you participate in a group with many members? Do you have an account with a lot of friends? a page with many fans? Share with them something that might interest them, with a brief descriptive note, urging them to click on it. Example:”I just saw this movie. I was delighted. Click here to see it. ”

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Make money posting links on Instagram: =>> if you already have an account with a lot of followers on Instagram or Twitter, you can send a one day tweet with your shortened url. If you don't have an account, you can create one on any subject that might interest people. Ex: love quotes or funny jokes. And let your link with an awesome tweet.

Make money by sharing links on YouTube=>>if you are a youtuber or if you already have videos uploaded to YouTube, shorten your link and share it on youtube with description. This technique can become an interesting source of income if you upload a lot of videos.