Ganhar com paga? é confiavel? funciona? Melhor em 2023

See in this article where you will know what it is, is it reliable, does it pay and how does it work? Check out All about shortening urls and Making money with

I bring you the ” Short. am with which we can earn money by shortening our links and sharing with our friends.

. unlike others best shorteners that pay. Regardless of the visitor's origin, we already know that you pay us US $ 1.50 The US $2.50 per 1000 clicks on our shortened links and even pay a lot more for some countries this means that we will always earn more than US $1.50 per thousand visits. which makes it very profitable.

What is is a safe and reliable, simple to use URL shortener where you will earn money every time someone clicks on your shortened links. Like other shorteners this is also a completely free tool where you can work and earn extra money.
When compared to other competitors how much do you pay not only provides simple form but also has some amazing services like low minimum payout, high CPM rates, fast payouts and non intrusive ads.

They already pay 1.5 $ for 1000 views for any country like that, It is the best choice for you if other shorteners are not offering good rates for your country.

Sign up now on how does it really work?

First things first is create your account and then click on the “Tools” menu and then we will see all the tools where you will know how to use if you work with other link shorteners then it will not be difficult for you to understand how they all work. Well if you are a beginner I recommend

Tips for making money with shorteners I will explain how works:

Shrinker Dough– this is a tool that allows you to shrink multiple URLs at a time. It might be good if you want to share multiple URLs for posting.
Notice: shrink Only URLs via 'Mass Shrinker' that you will actually use. If you abuse the tool, your account will be deactivated.

quick link-
This tool allows you to convert any url to monetized link without logging into your account. This tool will be useful for you if you have a download blog where you will frequently shorten links and earn money from them.

Full page script: “do not recommend using”
Full Page Script is a script for website administrators that they can put on their websites to automatically convert all of their outgoing links to shorten links.

shortening one by one
If we want to shorten our links one by one then we can use their shortener tool which is very easy to use. Simply choose a link and share it

Any shortener works as follows:

You need to have a link to any file or page and shorten your link shortening tool. Then just share on any website or social networks

Here I leave an example. See how it works just click the link below!!
LINK: user just have to click on the link, then a new page where you have to enter the captcha code to validate will be displayed, then just have to wait a 3 second counter and finally just have to click on the button “Get Link” and you will automatically be redirected to file or download page or a website of the original link.

Minimum for payment

Our earnings will be paid automatically on the 1st to the 15th of each month. We can withdraw our money via paypal only US $5 OR Payoneer US $ 20″ Conclusion is an excellent option highly recommended.
Register on the website and see what you think of this good platform, a good tip is to shorten a link and spread it as much as possible on social networks if you have a Download blog, shorten all original links and pass the short link and then you can earn good money every month as a way to increase your extra monthly income.

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