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Every second person's dream is to see the world, visit movie locations, live in different countries. If that dream becomes a goal, a person thinks about how to make money traveling Someone will say that this is impossible, but in fact everything is simpler than it seems: there are obvious and hidden options.

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First, think about the format of your travels, work and earnings. Where and how do you want to go, for how long? Options can vary greatly. For example:

  1. You seek comfort, would like to live in Europe for a year, visit Spain, France, Italy. It is important for you that the living and movement conditions are as comfortable as possible. At the same time, sometimes you would like to visit remote places unknown to most tourists.
  2. Maybe you're an adventurer, no matter where you live and what you drive. You want to travel around the world, meet new acquaintances, try to work with people who are very different from you. You are not interested in well-known sights, you are looking for blank spots on the map.
  3. You have a family, small preschool-age children. You would like to see the beauty of Scandinavia, preferably by car, live in Finland for a few months and then move to Norway. Reliability, service and security, along with vivid prints, are extremely valuable.

There may be hundreds of such types. When looking for a business idea, think about your end goals, core needs and skills. For example, a college graduate who has just received a degree is likely to have little money but few requirements for comfort, time, and ideas.

If they are parents with children, then they have skills, life experience, but they have many other factors to consider. If the former gets a job as a waiter in another country, it is easier for the latter to create a successful online business from scratch. Next, we will talk about how to make money traveling, and you can refine those ideas and travel, doing what you love.

obvious ideas

The Internet allows you to not be tied to the office and work from anywhere there is Internet and, in some cases, even where there is not. The methods described below require a high level of discipline and accountability, but offer dozens of new opportunities.

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Freelance or remote work

Freelance work is commissioned work. On the one hand, you get maximum flexibility: graphics, designs, etc. You choose which employers to work with and which orders to refuse, when to rest and when to work hard.

The income level depends only on you and not on other people's work. At the same time, there are also many disadvantages: you have to get used to instability. So, for example, in one month you earn enough, and in another you think about what you don't need and can sell. In addition, you yourself are involved in all the processes, including the search for customers.

Keep in mind that it is desirable to have some skills. Some people say that the freelancer can start from scratch, learning along the way. This is really real, but until you become a pro, there will be few orders and it will be extremely difficult to resist the competition.

Another easier option is remote work. This is a permanent job, not tied to a specific location. Suitable for programmers, marketers, copywriters, designers and other professionals whose work is related to the Internet. The only downside is that you may have to adjust to the time zone of the company you work for.

The question arises: how to convince the manager that you need a different format of work? First, become an indispensable expert. Second, if the first option doesn't help, immediately look for a job remotely with another company.

How to make money on travel

Work in aviation or on a cruise ship

If you are not attached to anything and can afford to go out for a long time, try becoming a flight attendant or stewardess. There are quite strict requirements for them: you must be young, educated, have good eyesight and have no health problems. In addition, competent speech, knowledge of English and pleasant appearance are important. It will be difficult to pass the interview as there are so many candidates. However, it often happens that for the first time they did not even look at the candidate's profile, but on the second attempt they were hired.

Keep in mind that physically the work is very difficult: you spend the entire flight on your feet, constantly adapting to changing weather and time zones, enduring severe pressure drops. That's why applicants under 30 are more likely to succeed.

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If you are constantly drawn to the sea, think about how to get a job on a cruise ship. It is important that it is shift work, that is, that it goes to sea for at least six months. During this period, you earn about 500 thousand rubles and do not spend them anywhere: you live and eat at the expense of the company. It's great that this way you can also see the whole world: from time to time you disembark in ports with other tourists.

Getting a job on a ship is not difficult if you know English well and can spend about 50 thousand rubles on paperwork and medical examinations. Liners often require administrators, cooks, photographers, waiters, etc.

Ideas that require skills to implement

Your skills are your assets. The more you know and know how, the more profit it will be. We talk about how you can become a traveler and make money from it.

work as a photographer

This is an attractive prospect for anyone who enjoys taking pictures and seeing different places. Keep in mind, however, that to make money from it, it's not enough to be an amateur. You must know all the technicalities, imagine what kind of photos people like, see what others don't notice. Also, you need professional equipment that produces images at least in poster format. It will take about 150-200 thousand rubles.

There are several monetization options. Firstly, it is the accompaniment of tour groups. Tour operators and travel authors have begun to understand that they need to somehow stand out from the competition and include new services in their packages.

Second, organize your travels. The method is complicated: you need to obtain a dozen permits and be ready to take responsibility for the rest and life of tourists. On the other hand, the income will be much better, especially if you come up with an interesting concept.

Third, if you're thinking about how to make money from travel, sell photos on the Internet: shoot landscapes for stock photos. At first it will not be a lot of money, but if you understand the basic principles of work, then you can sell a painting for tens of thousands of rubles.

Language teacher or guide

These two options require special skills from the candidate. If in Asia, for example, in Thailand or Brazil, English teachers are in demand, in Europe, Russian language guides are valued. Most of the time, a specialized education degree is not required; is not taken into account abroad. And there, and there, however, give test tasks.

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The two most effective options for finding a job are knowing the locations or contacting the agency in advance. You shouldn't just trust people, although sometimes they will help you solve problems quickly. The second case is more reliable, but you will have to pay a fee.

How to make money on travel

How to make money as a travel blogger

Excellent examples of blogs are the channels of Anton Ptushkin, Alexander Fedorov (Bad Planet), Leonid Pashkovsky (I want to go home). At first, it will be a full-time job where you don't earn anything. You have to hang on for six months and most likely the blog will be visited and you will be paid for advertising on it.

It is important to say that you will need your own chip that will distinguish you from all others. The materials must be interesting, they must be researched. When thinking about a topic, be clear about your target audience.

Don't just focus on travel – add something else. Are you a pastry chef? Create a “tastes of the world” rubric and talk about which sweets are popular in different countries. Are you a freelance designer? Make drawings in beautiful places and explain how to get the same results as yours.

Choose your blog site wisely: Does your audience visit sites more often, go to YouTube, or scroll through their Instagram feed? Thinking about how to make money from travel and bloggingwork with multiple platforms at the same time.

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