How to write an article in less than an hour – 10 useful tips

Okay, you want to learn how to become a great writer and write an article very quickly. I'm going to show you these tips, but before I reveal them, I want to clarify what kind of article you can write in under an hour.

First of all, writing quickly doesn't mean writing in poor quality. If you have something important to say, your article can be quick, without verbosity. An hour is a short period of time, but within it you can prepare a great article of around 500 words. In this period, you can discuss about three to five main points. So if you plan on writing a longer, higher quality article, you will (probably) need more time to do so.

The second point here is that if you need to link your posts together, finding related posts and suitable anchors will also take time.

You will also want to find photos, videos or other multimedia resources that are suitable for your article and that can be time consuming.

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How to write an article in less than an hour

1. Plan a distraction-free hour

It may be obvious to you that the time to write a post or article should be distraction-free. But sometimes we forget that. We're trying to focus, but we're not turning off Facebook or thinking about something else. We should try to get rid of all unnecessary thoughts and distractions like Twitter or emails.

2. Believe in yourself

Yes, it's very important. Believing that you can write an article in less than an hour is very important. Without it, you will write your article in hours or even days.

I'm not an English speaker or writer; besides, I started writing in English only half a year ago. I'm sure my English teacher will be proud of me, even despite my grammar mistakes. But without self-confidence, I would never start writing in a foreign language. So – believe in yourself!

3. Plan what you want to achieve with an article (2-5 minutes)

This point is essential. You have to know what you want. Should it be a promotional item? Or maybe you want to share your experience about something? Or is it a simple story for your readers? Do you want to make them cry? Or laugh? Or maybe you want to spark interest in something? You must answer these questions before you start writing your article.

4. Do a quick search on your topic (2-5 minutes)

I assume you know the subject of your article. But even if you're an expert, it's worth researching. You should check in your favorite search engine what is interesting and what is not. You can also do this on the blogs you are following.

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5. Write down the most important points of your article (2-5 minutes)

As I wrote at the beginning of this tutorial – find three to five important points you want to raise in your article. If you find more – that’s fine, but your article will be longer and will likely take over an hour (e.g. writing this article, finding related articles, anchors, photos, and publishing it took about three hours).

6. Use (12 + 2) * 3 Technique

This technique is very simple – write for twelve minutes, take a two-minute break, and repeat three times. If you need less or more time to write an article – you should repeat it less or more times 

. But remember – for 12 minutes you must write and just write, no exceptions. After that, you'll have a two-minute break, when you can do something else (but I recommend staying at your computer).

To count the minutes, you can use a stopwatch on your watch or smartphone. Even a kitchen timer can be good for this technique. 

7. Make yourself some tea or coffee (2 minutes)

Yes, it is very important for your mind. Then get up and go to the breakfast room or the kitchen. If possible, you can even talk to someone – but remember the time limit – you only have two minutes for that!

8. Read carefully and correct all your mistakes or misspellings (2 to 5 minutes)

You must read your article at least once and check any errors or misspellings. After that, you should check your dictionary (or Google ), and correct everything. If you have some time, you can read it one more time.

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9. Format your article – Make points, paragraphs, links to other sites (2-5 minutes)

Now is the time for improvements and formatting your post. Your article should be readable – think of it as a brochure – is it easy to read, understand and find the main points?

10. Be consistent in your actions

That means trying to write an article every day, at least for two weeks. After two weeks, you will see that your writing skills will improve very quickly.

And I have one more quick writing tip for you. If you have other ideas or topics for your website or blog, please write them down. Whenever you find something interesting, put it down on paper (or .doc ).

For example, I have a list of about 50 new topics and ideas for my blog – what about you?

Now you can see that these tips are great not only for the free article directory ;), but also for your own blog or website. If you want to write a killer article that will delight your audience, you should read two more tutorials:

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Of course, for writing articles or blog posts you can try using one of the article writing services or hiring a professional copywriter. But it costs a lot of money, it is also time consuming (you must find high quality writers, discuss article(s) ideas with them, check their articles and finally pay them for the staff), and it does not give you satisfaction as a well written article

And what are your tips for writing fast? Do you have any technique for this or are you spontaneous with it? Please share your experience below in the comments.