Mobile mining: a profitable business or a myth?

The telephone is no longer just a trading device, modern smartphones exceed the number of available functions and their technical parameters only grow every day. Mobile platform owners have not been far from the “cryptocurrency” boom, but if no one is surprised by an app for trading or a multi-currency wallet on Android or iOS, then mining cryptocurrency on a smartphone until recently seemed like something out of the realm of fantasy. So, is it possible to get coins over the phone and is it worth doing?

Is it possible to mine cryptocurrencies through a smartphone?

Definitely yes! Mining on a mobile device is not fundamentally different from mining on a PC or on your own farm, only the computing power of an integrated processor or graphics card is used for the calculations.

Smartphone owners have more comprehensive options to adjust the processor load, which are necessary to be able to use the device comfortably. Also, as you know, cryptocurrency mining strongly heats “iron” and requires a lot of energy, so a smartphone can produce a very small hash rate, even compared to a PC.

Those who want to try mobile mining are recommended to work with coins based on the CryptoNote algorithm (Monero or Bytecoin), as they use a central processor, which in most smartphones is an order of magnitude more powerful than a video card.

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mobile mining apps

To mine cryptocurrency, you just need to install on your smartphone:


MinerGate is a mining pool that brings miners together using various devices, including mobile platforms. Application created for iOS and Android and to get started, you need to create an account. MinerGate works stably and has a well-thought-out interface, but the smartphone workload is very low (the device does not even heat up properly), the mining result is correspondingly – 2-3 rubles a day.

ARM Miner

One of the oldest mining applications, which is more suitable for getting to know rather than earning real income. You can make at least some profit just from the maximum capacities, where the smartphone is extremely unstable and the app itself often crashes. Does not work with Scrypt and SHA-256 algorithms.

Bitcoin Miner

It has a high hash rate, but you can only mine after logging in promotional code… The promo code is easy to find on the web and even in the store's in-app reviews themselves. The interface is simple and well thought out, but you can actually make money from a referral program instead of mining it.


App for device owners in iOS (to install you need the version Software not less than 9.0) In essence, this is not mobile mining, but a mobile app for cloud mining, i.e. the owner will have to buy computing power remotely. Earned funds can be withdrawn once a day.


Not a very popular miner for Android. It has a simple interface, but you yourself have to find the necessary mining service, for which the developer provides its accounts. Not recommended for use due to low hash rate with very tangible payloads on smartphone.

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Process profitability

Making money mining cryptocurrencies through a cell phone is almost impossible. Mobile Bitcoin mining in the most popular apps will bring the owner up to several dozen rubles a day. Is it worth draining the battery and sacrificing device performance for this price? We suppose not. In addition, the active and continuous operation of the “iron” leads to its wear and tear and shortens the life of the device, and the money earned is not even enough to buy new parts.

Is it worth using mobile mining for informational purposes for beginners to understand in more detail how to configure applications for mining cryptocurrencies and how, in principle, mining takes place and how it affects the equipment.

Alternative “mobile” mining

In a broad sense, the term “mobile mining” refers to mining cryptocurrency on devices that are not tied to a specific location. Due to the technical characteristics of the process (consumption of large amount of energy and need for cooling), it is extremely difficult and expensive to implement this idea, but it is quite possible.

The latest technical innovation in the mining equipment market was mobile container for mining. In essence, this is a shipping container in which several racks for graphics cards or ASICs are equipped, as well as power supplies and a ventilation system. Such a mobile mining farm is made by manufacturers, as a rule, to order, and its cost can reach several hundred thousand dollars. This equipment is for professional industrial mining, so beginners are not interested in it and in most cases cannot buy it.


Mining mobile Bitcoins without investment is no longer a fantasy. To mine cryptocurrencies on a mobile platform, you just need to download and install a special app for Android or iOS. You can also do mobile mining via mobile farms and mining containers, which can be freely moved using vehicles. However, in the first case mining brings minimum profitthat does not even compensate for the wear and tear of the equipment, and in the second to buy a container you will need a large start-up capital and equipment maintenance skills.

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