How to create good habits: tips and techniques?

Good habits are important. They are important not only for personal development, but also for the development of your business, business. There are an infinite number of methods that work for some and don't work for others.

What does it depend on? Much depends on willpower, self-confidence, moral values. The only way to create a healthy habit. This article will cover some of the techniques and tips for creating and developing good habits.

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Many people argue that it is very difficult or even impossible to start a new habit or give up an old one without willpower. The problem with this statement is that willpower is not a talent, it's a psychological concept and, in essence, resembles a muscle.

Some are born with good willpower potential, some are not. But just like any muscle in the body, willpower can be increased. How to do this?

Many people recommend putting yourself in adverse physical or psychological conditions. And this method is suitable for someone, but for most people it is not. Consistency and rewards are good options. This means that with each new day you need to increase the load a little bit, and after performing some useful action, reward yourself with something that does not contradict the work done.

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Methods to develop good habits

There are many different methods of developing habits, many of which contradict each other. This article will introduce the most popular and useful ones. It's your choice.

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m 100% M

This method is more of a formula. It consists of three quite simple and, at the same time, complex steps:

  • Creating a development plan
  • Unconditional compliance with the plan for 30 days
  • Monitoring the implementation of planned actions

Let's consider an example. Challenge: Start running in the morning. Also, you need to decide on the objective. Let's say it's a 5km morning run

Let's start with the first point. The main task, according to the formula, is to create a training plan that will be carried out for 30 days, starting with the minimum of difficulties. You need to calculate 10% from the total target and increase the load every day. For example, in the case of a run, calculate 10% from the target, in this case it is 500 meters. Start small. The main thing is consistency.

second point implies consistency. As hard as it is to get up in the morning and run somewhere, it is necessary. According to this ideology, skipping training should be punishable.

created for this third point… Getting support from loved ones is a good option. They shouldn't be forced to do anything. Your task is some other form of control. Set a condition, for example, if you miss a workout, you will have to pay a fine to one of your relatives, friends or friends in such an amount that there is no desire to miss a workout. So it's pretty hard, over the course of 30 days, to form a habit that you certainly don't want to break.

5 step strategy

This method is much gentler than the previous one, but statistically no less effective. As the name implies, it consists of five points:

  • Making a little habit
  • Slowly increasing exercise frequency
  • Sharing the scope of work
  • No two-day pass
  • Patience, comfortable pace

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As you can see, this and the previous method have fundamental differences. Everything starts almost the same. You need to make a habit out of something small. If you have a goal of doing 100 push-ups a day, you shouldn't do everything 100 times at once and master yourself. You can start at 10 and then, according to the second point, slowly but surely increase the frequency.

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As per the third point, you don't have to do 40 push-ups in one set. Better to do 2 times 20 or 4 times 10. The quantity remains the same, but the quality increases.

What does a two-day pass ban mean? This means that if a workout is missed, you shouldn't berate yourself and stop the workout altogether. You need to get back to them as soon as possible and not worry too much. And over time, skipping workouts won't do any good.

This method is based on patience. The habit can take a month to appear, as in the previous version. It may take longer, but patience and consistency won't go away.

How to create good habits

21 magical days

As you may initially think, this method lasts for 21 days, but unfortunately or fortunately it is not. This method consists of 6 points, each of which is just a mark on the calendar of actions:

  1. Decision making. The point is, you need to clearly set a goal for yourself.
  2. 1 day. You need to start somewhere, that is, from day one. You need to take some action at least once.
  3. 2 days. In fact, you need to perform the same actions, but within two days.
  4. 1 Sunday. The next step is a week, you need to do the same for a whole week.
  5. 21 days. The penultimate step is to take 21 days to complete the action, all to reinforce the habit.
  6. 40 days. It is scientifically proven that a habit is 100% formed in 40 days.

However, the main task will be to get to the fifth point.


In summary, we can say that there are several methods, different techniques. All of these techniques work, but keep in mind that they are not suitable for everyone. It is necessary to find the proper technique that will be ideal (or almost) suitable specifically for you. The most important thing is to never give up. The techniques presented in this article can help not only in personal life, but also in business.

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